Ajax Systems has united efforts with Skills for Security, a leading Training provider that plays a key role in Apprenticeship Training across the Electronic Fire & Security sector in the UK.

About the program

The Skills for Security program, aims to educate and support local engineers by providing access to the latest technologies, knowledge and solutions for security. The program recognises the many challenges facing the sector right now, in particular an estimated shortfall of around 30,000 engineers. The skills crisisis having a long-term affect on maintaining professionalism within the sector. Installers cannot meet customer demand or provide a quality, affordable service . And it’s difficult to attract new talent into the sector.

Over the next three years, Skills for Security aims to attract more people into the fire and security sectors, support those seeking careers through charitable support, raise the standard and quality of training throughout the sector and create career pathways for those seeking employment within the sector.

We recognise that SfS is well placed to rectify the Skills Crisis, but the key to success is to work with leaders throughout the sector to standardise the approach and work together towards these common goals. Working with those at the forefront of technology and delivering quality products will give us the best opportunity to attract the best up-and-coming talent into the sector. Ajax Systems ticks all these boxes, and we are excited to have them as our latest partner.David Scott Managing Director Skills for Security

Having the innovative technology from Ajax within our centres will allow us to deliver a new service to our apprentices, where we can upskill them on the latest products and technology within the sector whilst raising brand awareness across the UK of the products offered by Ajax. It’s a real opportunity for engineers to become highly skilled professionals who’ll drive the whole security market in the UK. And we’re excited to support this passion.Sam Griffiths, Ajax Systems Technical Director in the UK

About Skills for Security

Skills for Security is the leading Apprenticeship Training Provider in the UK that plays a key role in Apprenticeship Training across the Electronic Fire & Security sector across the North West and beyond: through a range of mixed delivery methods, Skills for Security has a reach like no other across the whole of England. Skills for Security work with employers to set National Occupational Standards, improve security skills and professionalism by providing access to training, apprenticeships and security qualifications for people employed in security roles across the UK.

About Ajax Systems

Ajax Systems is an international technology company and Europe’s largest developer and manufacturer of security systems with smart home capabilities. The company’s global success has been primarily driven by its innovations, namely proprietary technologies like Jeweller, Wings, and OS Malevich. The product line includes more than 70 wireless and wired devices for ultimate indoor and outdoor security. Currently, Ajax protects over 2 million users in 169 countries.