OS Malevich 2.16 release brings three updates worth mentioning. Ajax examines the market’s demand and needs to deliver a better and more secure experience to every user and PRO.

All the updates we make lead to a huge difference in terms of reliability, convenience, and smooth user experience. OS Malevich 2.16 makes it possible to use an advanced entry/exit delays logic, Ring connection for Fibra devices, and a more flexible SIA Direct connect.

Enhanced entry/exit logic

We have been rethinking our entry/exit logic to make it more secure, so it corresponds to specific standards without affecting Ajax user experience.

Now PROs and users can build the delay logic not only based on timers but also depending on the activation of other detectors. From now on, a new Follower mechanism is available in the Operating mode.

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Before the OS Malevich 2.16 update, all the detectors with delays worked in the Entry/Exit mode. Having several detectors on the object means that the user needs to set up delays for all of them to have time for disarming. The previous entry/exit logic excludes the opportunity to configure the delay for every detector on a specific object. We have reviewed our previous logic and added a Follower.

The new entry/exit logic has Follower mode. According to the new logic, a detector in the Entry/Exit mode starts up the timer, while the rest of the Follower detectors inherit its delays. It means that Follower detectors do not raise the alarm until the Entry/Exit detector’s delay is over. Yet, when the Follower is triggered individually, it immediately raises the alarm. For example, when someone enters the building, the delay timer for DoorProtect (a detector in the Entry/Exit mode) starts off. Meanwhile, MotionProtect detector won’t raise the alarm. The detector will wait for the end of DoorProtect’s delay.

With our new entry/exit logic, it is possible to develop more complex protection for premises. At the same time, this new logic won’t alter previous settings. Yet, using the mobile or desktop app is an easy and fast way to configure the entry/exit logic and choose detectors for Follower mode.

A well-thought logic is a convenient solution which has four major business-related advantages:

  • Reliable security system the insurance companies want to work with;
  • Full EN50131 compliance for complex installations;
  • Step toward Ajax Systems’ adherence to F&P Grade 30 regulations;
  • More suitable solution for small and medium-sized business.

Ring topology support

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Fibra is a digital-generation wired technology that connects wired Ajax devices. The technology combines the wires’ reliability with the freedom of Jeweller radio technology. Having the advantages of the Jeweller radio technology, Fibra devices consume less power. Thus, PROs can install more devices with a single line of up to 2 km.

Previously, there was only one type of connection between a hub and devices — Beam topology. Beam topology presupposes a single hub line and does not require additional configuration. In case of sabotage, only the segment physically connected to the hub will continue to function. However, communication with the devices that come after the point of disconnection will be lost.

With OS Malevich 2.16 release, it will be possible to use the Ring topology. With the new connection type, PROs can use Hub Hybrid to create up to 4 ring topologies without additional modules. How it works: the installer connects the beginning of the line to one terminal and the ending of the line to another terminal.

The Ring topology presupposes that if a disconnection occurs, two fully functional segments will be created. Devices will continue to operate, and the system will notify a security company and users about the incident. Thus, the Ring topology provides physical protection against disconnection of the Fibra line.

In the event of a line breakage, the ring splits into two working segments, devices continue to operate, and the system notifies a security company and users about the incident.

The Ring topology can also be used for renovation. If the outdated system uses rings, the old equipment can be replaced with Fibra devices without changing the wire configuration.

Fibra technology is available for authorized Ajax partners only. If you want to become an Ajax Systems partner, please fill out the form.

More security for SIA direct connection

With OS Malevich 2.16, there will be changes related to hubs using SIA direct connection. From now on, hubs have an opportunity to connect to different ports or even addresses via different communication channels. So the SIA receiver can define which channel is disconnected and send a corresponding message to the CMS operator.

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We have added the possibility of connecting to one address via Ethernet, the second address via GSM (one IP for two SIM cards), and the third address via Wi-Fi. Thus, CMS understands that if there are no Null messages from the hub on the first address — there’s a problem with Ethernet.

  • Connect on demand mode. No Null messages at all. In this mode, the hub doesn’t connect to CMS all the time, but activates the connection only if there is a new event.
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  • Separate addresses for the channels. Null messages will be sent only to one address. Thus, Hub does not send messages to the secondary address if the primary one is available.

How to get the update

The update is installed automatically when the security system is disarmed, and the hub is connected to an external power supply.

If, for some reason, you have not received the update, check if the automatic software update is enabled in the hub’s service settings. Whether you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our support team regarding any issue.

Be sure also to update your Ajax app to use the new features.

👉 How to update the Ajax Security System app