Ajax Systems partners with Exertis Security in Sweden

Ajax Systems partners with Exertis Security in Sweden

Ajax Systems, Europe’s largest developer and manufacturer of security systems, proudly announces its partnership with Exertis Security Nordic, a global distributor of products and services from the world’s leading and emerging technology companies. This strategic collaboration marks a significant milestone in Ajax Systems’ expansion efforts, promising to enhance the availability and reach of their innovative security solutions in the Swedish market.

Exertis Security Nordic was formerly known as Corepixel, which was acquired by Exertis. They have robust CCTV expertise and are expanding their presence within the security industry through a strategic partnership with Ajax.

Ajax has a rich portfolio encompassing a diverse range of wireless and wired devices, and the addition of Exertis as an official distributor signifies a deliberate choice to enrich the market. Ajax Systems prioritizes value addition that benefits Swedish installers.

Exertis Security, a visionary player in the market, has recognized the potential of Ajax’s cutting-edge technology, notably Fibra, which promises to revolutionize the wired security market in Sweden. With Grade 3 compliance and the upcoming SSF certification crucial for the Swedish market, Exertis sees unparalleled potential in Ajax’s offerings. Exertis has a track record in the Swedish market as a leader in embracing cloud video and traditional CCTV, which goes hand in hand with the strategic future of Ajax’s portfolio.

At Exertis, we view Fibra as a game-changer and a formidable challenger to a substantial portion of the wired security market. With a cloud-first mindset, Ajax Systems aligns perfectly with Exertis’s global strategies, and their comprehensive portfolio perfectly complements our commitment to cloud-based solutions.

Mikael Borbély

Senior Sales Manager Security, Exertis Nordics

We are delighted to join forces with Exertis, whose expertise, customer base, and newfound focus on alarm and security solutions align seamlessly with our vision. This collaboration represents a mutual commitment to providing top-tier security solutions to our customers, further enhancing the safety and peace of mind of Swedish residents and businesses.

Michael Hygild

Regional Sales Director, Northern Europe, Ajax Systems

Ajax Systems officially entered the Northern Europe market in 2016. Since then, it has become one of the top 10 focus markets for the company. During this time, the Ajax Systems team has developed products and features specifically to meet the needs of this region. In 2020, the company released a synchronous alarm function (interconnect), which was required for ensuring the fire protection of a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Bergen, Norway. In 2022, five Ajax products were certified according to Swedish standard SSF 1014 edition 5.

About Exertis

Exertis is an industry-leading distributor of technology products and specialist services. Their client base includes retailers and businesses that resell technology products in homes and offices for everyday use. Additionally, Exertis offers various value-added services and technical support, enabling customers to deliver comprehensive and cost-effective technology solutions.

About Ajax Systems

Ajax Systems is an international technology company and Europe’s largest developer and manufacturer of security systems with smart home capabilities. The company’s global success has been primarily driven by its innovations, namely proprietary technologies like Jeweller, Wings, and OS Malevich. The product line includes over 130 wireless and wired devices for ultimate indoor and outdoor security. Currently, Ajax protects over 2 million users in 169 countries.

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