Meet PRO Desktop 3.2 with support for company accounts for installation and service businesses.

The app provides the ability to add to the hub a single company PRO account, under which dozens or hundreds of installers can work using personal PRO accounts. Now a company can organize the work with the staff installers and external contractors in the unified app interface.

Security companies and installation engineers, who participated in the beta test, reported improvements in daily coordination, significant time savings, and increased financial performance.

The PRO Desktop PC app combines tools for connecting, maintaining, and monitoring of Ajax security systems. The software allows creating accounts for companies, features a flexible system of employee roles and detailed event logs.

Streamlined business processes

The need for PRO Desktop 3.2 was dictated by the market. Our developers received recurring requests from installation engineers and companies from different countries (some of them are servicing more than 16,000 Ajax systems): installation companies need to have a “corporate” account on the hub to provide access to individual PRO accounts. In other words, they want to organize work with contractors and staff in one, holistic interface.

Ajax professional software is already solving a similar problem for monitoring companies. PRO Desktop allows registering an account that takes one account on the hub, but at the same time, can provide PRO accounts of many operators with controlled and secure access to the system’s event log and alarms. No access to system settings. Operator’s accounts can only access the data they need for work: event logs, photo verifications, and statuses of system devices.

ajax pro desktop

The Company module in PRO Desktop allows to control each operator’s access to alarm monitoring and assign each workplace with a unique identifier.

Installation and service companies were expecting to get similar possibilities. The ability to manage the contractors’ and employees’ PRO accounts, give them temporary access to system settings, and limit access of accounts to sensitive data — all this was supposed to improve business processes and customer service significantly.

So we’ve expanded the PRO Desktop functionality. A separate set of functions for monitoring and a separate set of functions for service companies are now available. The PRO Desktop 3.2 interface and features adjust to chosen functionality. It is also possible to select both types of services. This is intended for those who provide installation and monitoring services simultaneously.

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The PRO account that created the company gets the role of the company owner. Such an account has access to all PRO app modules, can invite, delete, and change the employees permissions, as well as change company data.

With 18 years of experience in the security industry, I can confidently say that the evolution of professional Ajax apps is impressive. Remote control, flexible system of roles, intuitive interface, and complete status information for systems and devices allow us to work more efficiently.Christina Suau, Technical Manager, Trablisa

Synergy with mobile apps

The update applies to PC apps, mobile PRO apps, and part of the Ajax Cloud server.

When creating a company account, PRO Desktop 3.2 offers to select the company profile: Alarm Monitoring or Installation and Maintenance. The owner can select both profiles — the company will then have access to a monitoring module and all 7 employees roles, including new Installer (installation engineer) and Head of installers roles.

Table of permissions according to user roles

Menu/Role Owner of the company Senior CMS engineer
Engineer Head of operators Operator
Company module Has access Has access Has access Has access View menu RRU
General information menu View/Edit View View View No access
Employees menu View/Edit View/Edit Limited View/Edit Limited View/Edit No access
Workstations menu View/Edit View/Edit View/Edit View/Edit No access
Rapid response units (RRU) menu View/Edit View/Edit View/Edit without the ability to delete crews View View
Objects module View/Edit/Arm objects View/Edit/Arm objects View/Edit/Arm objects View/Arm objects View/Arm objects
Journal module View View View View View
Monitoring module Has access Has access No access Has access Has access
New menu View View No access View View
Processing menu View/Edit View/Edit No access View/Edit All View/Edit of processing by him
Sleep mode menu View/Edit View/Edit No access View/Edit View/Edit

The mobile PRO app now features the ability to separate the company’s hubs from the installer’s PRO account hubs. Several hub lists are now available in the interface, and the installer can switch between them in two clicks.

ajax pro desktop

The company that granted the installer access to the hubs can be selected by clicking on the menu at the top of the screen.

No restrictions: a company can have multiple installers, everyone with their own PRO account, and an installer can work with multiple companies simply by switching between them in the apps. All information from installed systems is instantly synchronized with apps via Ajax Cloud. All the transmitted and stored data is securely encrypted.

I use Ajax PRO apps both on my smartphone and laptop. While testing the recent update, I’ve noticed that it helps me to be focused on my work. And this is what defines a good tool — nothing bothers you. A truly seamless experience.Rickie Collier, Director at AML Service Group Europe Ltd

Advantages of cloud technologies

PRO Desktop 3.2 cloud infrastructure doesn’t require powerful servers, dedicated IP, or system administrators. Ajax Cloud is located in several geographically dispersed data centers, has an intelligent load balancer, and uses advanced server technology.

The availability of Ajax Cloud in 2021 was 99.995%.

With Ajax Cloud, PRO Desktop features more advantages, even compared to the best SaaS solutions in the industry. You don’t need to buy a separate subscription to change the functionality or additional server space to scale. Ajax Cloud infrastructure is ready for your company to change and scale up every week.

Real-time administration and control

Cloud server upgrades and changes in the PRO interface apps facilitate the work of both large security holdings and installation companies with several employees.

The company profile can be changed at any time. Adding alarm monitoring to installation services? Registering a separate company for the service department? Not a problem. In fact, three app configurations are available, the interface adapts instantly once the owner changes the type of company in the settings.

More employee roles for flexible access control. An employee with the Head of installers role can add and manage installer accounts and provide access to system settings, but within the limits of the rights defined for the company account.

If necessary, Head of installers can act as an installer and change the security system settings without having to switch between roles in the interface.

ajax pro desktop

The role is set when adding an employee to PRO Desktop and can be changed at any time.

The new Installer role is designed for those who work on-site: connects the hub to the CMS, configures devices via the mobile app, and then maintains the system, remotely, if necessary. An installer can configure devices and view event logs of only those hubs that the company gave them access to. Access is controlled in real time.

Timer for system settings access. Upon request, an installer can get access to the Ajax settings temporarily — for 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours. The head of installers can also assign a specific installer to a facility with permanent access to settings. In this case, the hub administrator has the final control over access to system settings — any PRO account works only within limits set by an administrator.

ajax pro desktop

As soon as the timer stops, access is off and the installer can no longer change the hub settings.

Detailed event log stored up to 2 years. The PRO Desktop event log is both a control tool and a data source for business processes optimization. All installers’ actions are recorded and available for viewing in real time. You can use a set of filters for a quick search.

Update to PRO Desktop 3.4 to get maintenance reports in a few clicks. Archive, print, and integrate via API.

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The PRO Desktop event log is available in real time and has a set of filters.

How to get the update

PRO Desktop 3.2 for Windows and macOS is now available for download.

If you have a previous version of PRO Desktop installed, the app will offer an automatic update.

Multilingual Ajax support is ready to answer any technical questions at any time.

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