Release: DoorProtect G3 Fibra is available now for order

Release: DoorProtect G3 Fibra is available now for order

Ajax Systems is thrilled to announce the release of a new product. DoorProtect G3 Fibra is a Grade 3 wired opening detector for protecting high-risk facilities. From now on, the product will be available for distribution.

DoorProtect G3 Fibra is equipped with two reed switches, an accelerometer for detecting opening, impact, and tilting, and a magnetometer for protection against magnet spoofing. Plastic spacers are included in the mounting kit to reduce the impact of metal surfaces on the magnet โ€” for example, when installing the detector on a safe door. They also help to install the detector and the magnet on the same level when the frame and the door have different depths.

The device can protect doors, showcases, panoramic and skylights, armories, or safes. All of this is in the best traditions of Ajax user experience, which guarantees quick and easy installation of the device via line scanning or QR code.

Upgrade the system to the next level with enhanced capabilities, improved performance, and seamless integration.

Key features:

  • Two reed switches allow magnet installation on either the left or right side
  • Detects impact and tilting with a built-in accelerometer
  • Protection against magnet spoofing with built-in magnetometer
  • Chime feature for shops, commercial and non-commercial facilities
  • Convenient connection of wires thanks to the removable device board
  • Plastic spacers to mitigate the impact of metal surfaces or to align the sensor and magnet
  • Compliance with Grade 3 requirements

Watch the presentation from Ajax Special Event:

Learn more about DoorProtect G3 Fibra:

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