Ajax Systems is thrilled to announce the release of a new product. LineProtect is designed to increase the resistance of wired Ajax systems to sabotage. From now on, the product will be available for distribution.

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LineProtect is a module to protect the Fibra line and devices from short circuit and electrical sabotage. If an intruder tries to damage the security system and, for example, hits the StreetSiren Fibra with a stun gun, LineProtect will take the hit. All devices between LineProtect and the hub will continue to operate. The module can be installed at any point of the Fibra line. The output line from LineProtect can be up to 2000 meters in length¹.

LineProtect inherits all the advantages of Ajax smart devices: it is easy to control the module from the app, receive event notifications, and configure or test LineProtect remotely.

1 — LineProtect Fibra does not provide additional power supply to the line.

Take your system to a new level of security with powerful fuses and a unique software algorithm at the heart of the product. Experience the comfort of wireless technology with wired devices from Ajax.

Key features:

  • Protection devices on the Fibra line from short circuit, overvoltage, applying 110/230 V and shock with a stun gun.
  • The output line from LineProtect can be up to 2000 meters in length.
  • Low power consumption: up to 0,17 W.
  • Instant notifications with the type of sabotage.
  • Remote control and setup via Ajax apps for smartphones and PCs.

Learn more about LineProtect Fibra:

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👉 User manual