Release: LineSupply (45 W) Fibra is now available for order

Release: LineSupply (45 W) Fibra is now available for order

LineSupplyAjax Systems is thrilled to announce the release of a new product. LineSupply (45 W) Fibra is a module for additional power supply to devices on a Fibra line. From now on, the module is available for distribution.

With LineSupply Fibra, you can easily cover extensive areas such as factories, farms, cottage communities, or any other large facility using a Fibra-based system. Each LineSupply output line can extend up to 2000 meters¹.

To cover a large area with the Fibra-based system, you only need to install the required number of LineSupply modules. Thus, the total length of the Fibra line can reach tens of kilometers.

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The module is available in two versions: a 45 W version with one output line, and a 75 W version with two output lines. LineSupply (45 W) Fibra is now available to order, while LineSupply (75 W) Fibra will be available in Q3 2024.

Upgrade your system to the next level with enhanced capabilities. Easily add new Fibra products to your system by scanning lines or a QR code.

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Key features:

  • Fibra line extension by 2,000 m¹ after installing each LineSupply.
  • Installation at any point along the Fibra line, even after another LineSupply.
  • Hub-independent power supply for Fibra devices.
  • Power supply for lines with any configuration of Fibra devices.
  • Remote configuration and monitoring of module states.
  • Protection against short circuits and overvoltage.
  • Convenient installation in a Case² with a tamper.

Watch the presentation from Ajax Special Event:

¹ — When using a U/UTP cat.5, 4 × 2 × 0.51 cable.
² — LineSupply is compatible with Case (260×210×93) and Case (430×400×33).

Learn more about LineSupply Fibra:

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👉 User manual
👉 TDS LineSupply (45 W) Fibra