Ajax Systems is thrilled to announce the release of a new product. MultiRelay Fibra is designed to disrupt the market and enhance system capabilities. From now on, the product will be available for distribution.

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MultiRelay Fibra is a four-channel relay with dry contacts, designed to control the power supply of third-party devices. For example, it can trigger a fog machine when the panic button is pressed, activate a third-party wired siren in case of an alarm, or control an electric gate via Ajax apps. MultiRelay Fibra can also be used to switch the operating modes of integrated third-party detectors via MultiTransmitter Fibra.

Remote power supply control

Electric locks Automatic gates / barriers
Roller shutters / blinds Fog generators
Third-party wired devices Effect of presence

Capabilities of MultiRelay Fibra can strengthen the security system.

Key features:

  • Four independent relays in one device.
  • Potential-free (dry) contact relays.
  • Pulse (from 10 s to 2 h) and bistable operation modes.
  • Automation scenarios support.
  • Low power consumption: up to 0.18 W.
  • Steady contact state after a power outage.
  • Communication range of up to 2,000 meters.
  • Possibility to install the device at any point on the Fibra line.
  • Grade 3 (EN 50131) compliance.
  • Remote control and setup via Ajax apps for smartphones and PCs.

Learn more about MultiRelay Fibra:

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