Ajax Systems, a leading European developer and manufacturer of professional security systems, has appointed a new Regional Sales Director to enhance the company’s influence in the Balkan and Adriatic markets and expand the local team.

Ilia Yashmakov is an experienced sales professional with an outstanding track record in the security industry. Over the past 8 years he was in charge of the company’s business development and expansion in the Balkan and Adriatic markets. He has over 19 years of experience in the security industry, and will strengthen our team tremendously.

Ilia will join Ajax Systems as a Sales Director for the Balkan and Adriatic regions in June.

What made you join Ajax?

This was an easy decision to make: my own beliefs match the main goals of Ajax — zero tolerance towards amateur products, no limits in the achievement of short-term results, and a general idea that diversity in the workplace molds character and creates tight bonds.Ilia Yashmakov, Ajax Systems Regional Sales Director for the Balkan and Adriatic regions

Ilia is doubtlessly a professional. I am confident he will help Ajax expand the critical Balkan and Adriatic market. Ilia joining our team is yet another step forward to this region. Ajax currently has a regional representative in the region, but our local team is soon to expand.Aleksandr Konotopskyi, CEO of Ajax Systems

Ajax Systems officially emerged in the Balkan market in 2016. Over the next 5 years, together with our distributing partners, we managed to become the top wireless system in the region.

The Adriatic and Balkan market is special due to its diversity. For instance, methods that are suitable for Greece will not work in Croatia or Bulgaria.

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