Bennie Kregting joins Ajax Systems as Regional Sales Director for the Benelux region

Bennie Kregting joins Ajax Systems as Regional Sales Director for the Benelux region

Bennie Kregting joins the team of Ajax Systems, the manufacturer of the most awarded of security systems, as Regional Sales Director to strengthen the company’s presence in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

Bennie Kregting is a security systems sales professional. For more than 10 years Bennie was responsible for the distribution of security systems in Europe, and for the last 2 years, he was the sales director for the leading distributor in the Netherlands.

Bennie joins Ajax Systems to improve cooperation with partners and team development.

I believe that Ajax Systems is one of the most progressive and innovative manufacturers of security systems. When Oleksandr Konotopskyi told me about the company and its strategy for the coming years, I realized that I wanted to join the team. With sales experience in the Benelux security market, I can help the company become even more successful.

Bennie Kregting

Ajax Systems Regional Sales Director for the Benelux region

Benelux security market professionals belong to the most progressive in terms of implementation and use of innovative technologies. At the same time, the level of standard and certification requirements is also very high. We want to understand the needs of our partners better. That is why we’ve invited Bennie Kregting to join the team. We plan to learn from local experience and implement best practices.

Aleksandr Konotopskyi

CEO of Ajax Systems

Ajax Systems officially entered the Benelux market in 2016. Since then, it has gained trust and a favorable position in the region and is undergoing active promotion in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Belgium. Ajax Systems is already preparing to release new products meeting the needs of local security market specialists. They will help the company make another step on its way to become an uncompromising leader in the industry.