Rocío Cano Gullón joins the team of Ajax Systems, the manufacturer of the most awarded wireless security systems in Europe, as a Country manager to strengthen the company’s position in Spain and Portugal.

Rocío Cano Gullón is a true security systems sales professional.

In the past 3 years she worked as a Regional Sales Director with a global manufacturer of video surveillance equipment. Rocío has over 20 years’ experience in technology with 15 years’ experience in the security systems market.

Rocío joins Ajax Systems to improve cooperation with partners and team development.

I’ve decided to join Ajax because I want to be a part of the security system market revolution. I plan to apply my knowledge and prior experience to help Ajax Systems become the leader in the region as well as on a global scale.Rocío Cano Gullón, Country manager for
Iberia in Ajax Systems

For Ajax, Iberia is a highly attractive market, which we develop actively. Rocío is a professional, and we believe that together we will manage to explore this region even deeper and strengthen our presence. Therefore our local team will continue to grow.Aleksandr Konotopskyi, CEO of Ajax Systems

Ajax Systems officially emerged in Iberia in 2017.

Since then, this region has become one of the company’s top 10 target markets. Ajax security systems are of particular interest to this market due to their high quality, simple design, and stable connectivity.