Ajax achieved Swedish SSF certification and is now Alarm Class 2 compliant

Ajax achieved Swedish SSF certification and is now Alarm Class 2 compliant

Ajax Systems demonstrates a keen understanding of market dynamics, recognizing the significance of local standards in specific markets. The company is proactive in its commitment to improvement to meet those standards. One of our recent milestones is the achievement of SSF (Stöldskyddsföreningen) certification in Sweden, which means that 7 of our wired devices are now Alarm Class 2 compliant.

What is SSF certification

Established in 1934, SSF is a vital standard within the Swedish security industry. As a non-profit organization, SSF brings together representatives from the police, insurance companies, and local authorities. It is pivotal in setting security standards and offering effective theft prevention solutions guidelines. The SSF certification is a mark of quality and reliability in the Swedish market for alarm and security devices.

The Importance of SSF and Alarm Class 2 compliance for Ajax

SSF (Stöldskyddsföreningen) certification is crucial for Ajax Systems within the Swedish security landscape. Recognized as a vital benchmark, it signifies excellence and trust, positioning Ajax as a reliable security solutions vendor. Reaching Alarm Class 2 compliance forms the stage for increased confidence among installers and end-customers seeking advanced security solutions. The SSF certification also becomes a strategic marketing asset. Placing the SSF logo prominently across all marketing platforms communicates a commitment to industry standards, reinforcing brand credibility.

Which Ajax devices are now Alarm Class 2 compliant

For now, Hub Hybrid and six wired Fibra devices are Alarm Class 2 compliant:

Listed devices provide a comprehensive set appropriate for constructing security systems in private and SMB facilities. This portfolio ensures that clients can access a reliable and diverse range of products to fulfill their specific security needs.

Soon, we plan to acquire certificates for additional Fibra devices, already boasting a Grade 3 certification, and for the wireless Superior line.

New Business Horizons

The SSF certification for wired Fibra devices was a key step in meeting the Swedish market’s security demands, relying on wired security systems. With certifications in hand, Ajax satisfies industry standards and gains access to new business verticals.

  • Small and Medium Businesses. The strategic move to prioritize certifying the wired product line ensures that Ajax can now offer security solutions tailored to Sweden’s historically conservative small and medium business (SMB) sector. This certification opens the door for Ajax partners to provide solutions that match the expectations and facilitate more precise dialog with the end-customers.
  • Insurance Companies. Ajax Systems strategically aligns with the insurance sector, where the significance of credentials is well-acknowledged. In Sweden, insurance companies collaborate exclusively with vendors possessing the SSF certificate, considering it as a confirmation of the reliability and quality of the products. With this certification, Ajax partners can offer Hybrid solutions with Alarm Class 2 compliant security systems and wireless solutions for fire detection, water leak prevention, and comfort.
  • Government Institutions. Public and government tenders in Sweden also require the necessity of SSF certification. This requirement acts as a gateway, granting Ajax access to unreachable collaborations and partnerships. By holding SSF certification, Ajax meets industry standards and opens doors to projects of notable value and complexity, gaining trust from government entities.


Alarm Class 2 compliance is essential for Ajax Systems to solidify its commitment to security in the Swedish market. The certification aligns Ajax with stringent industry standards and is a tangible mark of the quality and reliability of each Ajax-certified device. This strategic achievement enhances trust among installers, end-customers, and insurers, positioning Ajax among the frontrunners in the Swedish security market.