Control locks remotely with wBolt smart locks integration

Control locks remotely with wBolt smart locks integration

The integration of wBolt smart locks into the Ajax system to improve home and office security

Watchman Door

Watchman Door is a leading Spanish manufacturer of security systems that offers smart home security and access control solutions.

About the integration

wBolt is the first ever smart lock integrated with a security alarm system. It is a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) rim lock that is invisible from outside. It can be unlocked via an app or manually. It is equipped with an adjustable siren and vibration sensor and supports connection via wBridge. By integrating with an Ajax system, lock enables users to automatically lock or unlock wBolt when arming or disarming the system. This option enhances door security and allows controlling access to the property remotely via a smartphone.

The wBolt integration is based on the interconnection between the cloud servers of Ajax and Watchman Door. The wBolt lock connects to the Ajax system via a hub and Ajax Cloud, while the hub is integrated in a Watchman Door’s app. The hub utilizes Ajax's proprietary encrypted Jeweller radio protocol to communicate with and control the lock and other connected Ajax devices. While systems share data from their devices, it remains inaccessible to third parties thanks to the reliability of Ajax's Jeweller. The protocol supports block encryption and device authentication for every session to prevent sabotage, spoofing, and data theft.

The integration of wBolt lock with the Ajax system allows users unlocking doors remotely using the Ajax SpaceControl Jeweller key fob or an Ajax app. Also, the lock can be a part of automation scenarios and be automatically locked or unlocked when the alarm mode changes. This option is helpful in emergencies, as it enables access to premises when nobody is at home. Additionally, the integrated system can be connected to a central monitoring station. This way, in case of an unauthorized attempt to open the lock, a security company receives an instant notification and can respond accordingly.

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