Control devices and panic buttons

Aside from mobile apps, users can manage the Ajax security system with keyfobs and keypads. And we designed them to be as convenient as possible. Protection against accidental clicks, command execution confirmation, and stylish design — all this turns a simple alarm keyfob into a gadget you want to use.

Ajax control devices are protected from signal tampering and interception, and the notification feed in the mobile app records who and when deactivated protection. The product line includes both wired and wireless Ajax devices.

Wired control devices

KeyPad Fibra

Wired touch keypad for security control
Automatic blocking against guessing the code
Silent alarm function
Security mode indication
Power consumption from Fibra line is up to 354 mW
Communication with the hub at a distance of up to 2,000 m
Wireless control devices

KeyPad TouchScreen Jeweller

Wireless keypad with touch screen to control an Ajax system
Touch IPS display with a diagonal of 5 inches
Authentication via a card, key fob, and smartphone
Automation control
Sound notifications about delays, door openings, and alarms
Black and white interface themes
Duress code and three panic buttons
Automatic brightness adjustment
Up to 1.5 years of operation from replaceable batteries
Communication with a hub at a distance of up to 1,700 m

KeyPad Jeweller

Wireless touch keyboard to manage security system
Blocks attempts to guess the passcode
Duress code
Security mode indication
Up to 2 years of operation from battery
Communication with the hub at a distance of up to 1,700 m

KeyPad Plus Jeweller

Wireless touch keypad supporting encrypted contactless cards and key fobs
DESFire® technology support
Blocks attempts to guess the passcode
Duress code support
Security mode indication
Up to 4.5 years of operation from battery
Up to 1,700 m of two-way radio communication

Tag for KeyPad Plus Jeweller

Encrypted contactless key fob
DESFire® technology support
Guest access
Up to 13 hubs in memory
Data encryption
Copy protection

Pass for KeyPad Plus Jeweller

Encrypted contactless card for a keypad
DESFire® technology support
Guest access
Up to 13 hubs in memory
Data encryption
Copy protection

Ajax SpaceControl Jeweller

Keyfob to manage security system
Panic button
Protection against accidental presses
Command execution confirmation
Up to 5 years of operation from battery
Communication with the hub at a distance of up to 1,300 m

Button Jeweller

Wireless smart button
Panic and control modes
Selectable alarm type
Command execution confirmation
Protection against accidental presses
Protection from dust and splashes
Up to 5 years of operation from battery
Communication with the hub at a distance of up to 1,300 m

DoubleButton Jeweller

Wireless hold-up device
PD 6662:2017 compliance
Absolute protection against accidental presses
Protection from dust and splashes
Command execution confirmation
Up to 5 years of operation from battery
Communication with the hub at a distance of up to 1,300 m

Holder for Button/DoubleButton

Mount to fix Button or DoubleButton on surfaces

Features of Ajax controls & panic buttons

Flexible settings

Assign Ajax SpaceControl to a specific user or security group to restrict access to other rooms. Personal passcodes, security control of separate rooms, brightness and volume settings, and a duress code to activate a silent alarm when attackers force to disable protection — all these settings go far beyond the usual alarm keypad.

In addition, Ajax keypads support access codes for people who are not connected to the hub. This is convenient, for example, to give a cleaning company access to security management.


Press Button in the panic mode to call for help immediately. Set the alarm type so that a security company and system users know what exactly happened. The available alarm types include medical, fire, gas, intrusion alarms, and panic button. In control mode, Button turns into a controller for smart home running automation scenarios: turning off the lights, switching on appliances, lowering the blinds, or opening gates with one click.

Control devices in the security system

Control devices as part of the security system are responsible for responding to commands, blocking connected devices, closing and opening locks, etc. Control devices allow you to control an object under protection or an object at a certain distance, the range often depends on the manufacturer. Control devices are of various types and this is an indispensable part of the alarm system, since the normal operation of the security system is impossible without them.

What are the control devices for the alarm

A security system is needed in any type of premises that may be at risk of fire, flooding or penetration, for example: office, shop, movable property, residential building or apartment and other types of premises. For convenient use of the security system, in addition to the control panel, sensors and sirens, control or monitoring devices are used.

In order to choose the right control devices for signaling, you need to navigate the types of devices, they are as follows:

  1. Control keyboard.
  2. Keychain control.
  3. Alarm button.

All these devices are compact, easy to install and use, differ in application. For example, keypads are used to conveniently arm and disarm an alarm. Cards or chips are often used along with the keypad, especially if there are many people in the protected area.

Keypads for arming and disarming the security system are wired and wireless. Wired devices require laying communications to communicate with the central system, at the initial stage of repair. Wireless alarm keypads can be installed in a ready-made interior; they communicate with the control panel via a secure radio protocol.

Key fobs are often equipped with several buttons, they are different, depending on the manufacturer, for example: open, close, panic button. Key fobs can be fixed in one place, for example, in the checkout area of ​​a store, or carried around the territory.

Panic buttons have one function — to report an incident. Pressing such a button will send an alarm to security users and may call for help or a specific service.

Control devices in the Ajax security system

The Ajax security system can be controlled not only from a mobile application, but also using touch keyboards and key fobs. The devices are protected from accidental clicks, the execution of the command must be confirmed, and the minimalistic design allows the device to be integrated into any type of room.

Devices for managing the security system from Ajax are protected from signal interception and substitution. In the notification feed of the mobile application, you can see when and who turned off the security.

Ajax’s range of control devices includes both wired and wireless options.

Wired control devices from Ajax

Ajax wired devices use the Fibra two-way data transfer protocol for data transfer, which ensures reliable and fast communication between the control panel and connected devices. Fibra delivers messages instantly, even if 100 devices are connected to the security system. Fibra wired technology verifies all communication sessions with devices and supports signal block encryption, which helps prevent tampering and keyboard substitution.

The wire protocol provides for regular polling of system devices by the control panel at a specified frequency, to control the quality of communication and to display the statuses of sensors and other devices in real time in Ajax applications.

The line of wired devices from Ajax has a touch keyboard for controlling the security modes of the KeyPad Fibra security system.

The wired alarm keypad allows you to arm the system in two steps. This process is similar to arming a security system using a keypad code. The procedure is completed either by re-arming using the SpaceControl Jeweller key fob, or by returning the final sensor to its original position.

The KeyPad Fibra wired keyboard is blocked for the time specified in the settings if you enter the wrong code three times. During the keypad lock — the alarm control panel will ignore all codes and inform the owners of the security system about attempts to guess the code.

One of the features of the KeyPad Fibra wired touch keyboard is the presence of the “Function” button, which can work in 3 modes:

  1. Muting a synchronous fire alarm — after pressing the “Function” button, the alarm from the fire detectors of the system will be turned off. Works only if Synchronous alarm of fire detectors is enabled.
  2. Alarm — after pressing the “Function” button, the device will send an alarm signal to the users of the system, to the central monitoring station of the security company (CMS), and activate the sirens.
  3. No action — the button is disabled, and nothing will happen after pressing it.

Wireless control devices from Ajax

Wireless control devices from Ajax use Jeweler radio technology for operation, which provides communication between the control panel and sensors at a distance of up to 2 km, provided there are no obstacles. The Jeweler protocol protects the transmitted data with encryption, and ensures economic power consumption.

The line of Ajax wireless control devices includes the following devices:

  1. Button Jeweller is a wireless panic button with control and alarm modes. The button is protected from accidental clamping, from dust and splashes. The Button Jeweler battery lasts up to 5 years without replacement.
  2. DoubleButton Jeweller is a wireless emergency button that will call for help when pressed. It is used either mounted on a mount or as a portable keychain. To raise an alarm with this device, you need to press two tight buttons on the case at the same time. Accidental pressing when carried in a pocket is excluded.
  3. KeyPad Jeweller is a wireless touch keyboard for security system control. The keyboard is automatically locked when trying to pick up the code. There is a silent alarm function, an alarm button and an indication of the armed mode. The keyboard works for up to 2 years on a pre-installed battery.
  4. KeyPad Plus Jeweller is a device similar to the KeyPad Jeweler keyboard, but has additional support for secure proximity cards and key fobs (Tag and Pass).
  5. SpaceControl Jeweller is a security system control key fob with a panic button.

The peculiarity of Ajax control devices is flexible settings and personalized experience for each user. You can set up separate zones for device control, type of alarm (so the security company that received the signal will know what type of danger to be prepared for). You can also manage automation scenarios using the control buttons: turn on the light, open the gate, and more.

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