GlassProtect Fibra

Wired indoor glass break detector
Key features
Two-factor glass break verification algorithm
By low and high frequencies
Fibra line connection
up to 2,000 m
Two colours
180° Glass break detection angle
Glass break detection distance
Terminals to connect a third-party NC detector
Data-rich notifications
Main campus
GlassProtect Fibra in Locker room is offline. Connection via Fibra channel lost.
Main campus
Lid closed, GlassProtect Fibra in Locker room
Main campus
Lid is open, GlassProtect Fibra in Locker room
Remote control and setup
Power consumption is
up to 36 mW
Hassle-free installation
Smart Bracket
This is the device of the Fibra wired product line. To purchase, install and administer such devices, you need to be an accredited partner, undergo training and gain access.

Glass break sensor for burglar alarm

The security of an object of any kind — housing, office, commercial building, involves the installation of a security alarm. It is able to protect the space from intrusions of strangers and theft of property inside. The security system includes an alarm control panel, and a number of security sensors, including a glass break sensor. Since it is easy to damage a window or door with a glass insert, and thus get inside the building, do not neglect the installation of detectors of this type.

How glass break sensors work

The glass break sensor detects acoustic or mechanical vibrations in the detection zone and transmits an alarm signal to the alarm control panel (central panel). The control panel, in turn, activates the sirens connected to the system and informs the users and the security company about the incident.

How to choose a glass break sensor for an alarm

The main difference between glass break sensors is the way information is transmitted from the sensor to the alarm central and vice versa. There are wired and wireless detectors.
  • It is advisable to install wired glass break sensors in rooms without repair, since this type of detector requires laying wires in the building. Also, wired sensors are used in large buildings with reinforced concrete walls and partitions, where radio communication can work less well.
  • Wireless glass break sensors can be installed in finished repairs. This type of detector does not require wiring, data is transmitted to the alarm control panel via radio signal.
Also, the response range of the security break sensor and temperature indicators are important. The climatic conditions of the building must match the operating range of the detector for its correct operation.

GlassProtect Fibra wired glass break detector from Ajax

The GlassProtect Fibra wired glass break detector is intended for installation inside buildings, close to windows or doors with glass elements. GlassProtect Fibra is a glass break detector that works in the Ajax security system. The detector communicates with the control panel using the secure Fibra protocol. The communication range of the sensor with the control panel is up to 2 km when connected via U/UTP cat.5 twisted pair cable. The GlassProtect Fibra sensor works with the Hub Hybrid Alarm Central and cannot be connected to other hubs, radio signal repeaters or third-party control panels.

The principle of operation of the wired GlassProtect Fibra glass break detector

The GlassProtect Fibra tire glass break detector detects glass breakage using a pre-installed electret microphone. The detector's microphone responds to sound vibrations that are characteristic of the sound of glass breaking. After the sensor detects a glass break, it immediately transmits an alarm signal to the security system control panel (central). The control panel, in turn, starts scripts, turns on sirens and informs users and the security company about the incident. The wired glass break detector uses a two-stage algorithm to filter out false alarms. In order to register a break, the detector must record a dull sound from a blow in 1.5 seconds, and then a sonorous sound of fragments falling to the floor. Thanks to this principle of operation, the glass break detector does not react to the sound of barking dogs or passing cars. It is important to remember that the GlassProtect Fibra wired break sensor detects glass breakage without film. If the window or showcase is covered with sunscreen, anti-shock and other types of film, the sound will be muffled, and the sensor will not work. To fix this type of glass break, use sensors with an impact sensor: DoorProtect Plus Fibra or DoorProtect Plus.

How the GlassProtect Fibra security glass break detector communicates with the alarm central

For data and alarm transmission, the glass break detector uses a two-way Fibra data bus protocol. This technology provides fast and reliable communication between the central security system and other devices. Thanks to the bus connection method, Fibra delivers information on time, even if 100 devices are connected to the system. Fibra technology encrypts the device on every connection to prevent sensor tampering and tampering. Thanks to the work based on the Fibra protocol, the control panel's sensors are regularly polled with a frequency of 12 to 300 seconds to control communication with alarm devices and display their statuses in real time in Ajax applications.

Installation of a wired GlassProtect Fibra glass break detector for alarms

GlassProtect Fibra alarm breaking sensor is a device of the Fibra line of wired devices. Only accredited Ajax partners can install, sell and administer these devices. When choosing a place to install the GlassProtect Fibra wire break sensor, it is important to pay attention to:
  • cable length for sensor connection;
  • Fibra signal level;
  • glass break detection zone;
  • no obstructions between the sensor and nearby glass surfaces.
Wired glass break sensors should be installed by professionals. It is they who know the best places to install alarm detectors.

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