KeyPad TouchScreen Fibra

KeyPad TouchScreen Fibra

Wired keypad with touch screen to control an Ajax system

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Convenient Ajax system control

KeyPad TouchScreen combines security and automation device management. An intuitive Ajax app-like interface and multiple language options make it an easy-to-use solution. The big display, DESFire® and BLE technologies, and code options ensure a secure and efficient experience.

Discover KeyPad TouchScreen Fibra

Wired keypad with a touch screen that supports authentication with smartphones, Pass, Tag, and codes

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KeyPad TouchScreen: the ultimate security & automation control panel

Experience the perfect fusion of security control and automation devices management with KeyPad TouchScreen

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Key features

Touch IPS display

Touch IPS display

with a diagonal of 5"

Control via smartphone

due to BLE support

Tag and Pass

Operation with secured cards and key fobs

Pass and Tag access devices

Black and white themes

Black and white themes
32 interface languages

32 interface languages

Personal access codes and duress codes


Easy security group management

Security group

Automation control

Automation control

Sound notifications

about delays, door openings, and alarms


Fibra line connection

Up to 2,000 m

Fibra wired communication

Fibra wired connection

Power adjustment

Low power consumption

Three alarm types







Informative app notifications

Ajax logo


Home: Dining room, Backyard armed by John

Ajax logo


Workplace: Night mode activated by Ann

Remote control

Remote control and configuration

Two olours

Two colours

Tamper protection


Devices compatibility

This is the wired device of the Fibra product line. Only accredited Ajax Systems partners can sell, install, and administer Fibra products.

Three missions united in one device

Easily manage security for multiple groups. Users can view what's armed and make changes with just one touch, whether it's securing one group, multiple groups, activating night mode, or arming the entire facility. It's all simple and straightforward.

Easy group management

Security mode of each group is displayed on the screen

Night mode and the entire security system control

Security management

The keypad has a separate control tab for automation devices, with the capacity for up to 6 buttons. Groups simplify the process of controlling multiple automation devices: switches, relays, sockets, and others. For instance, all LightSwitch switches can be assigned to one button and easily turn off all the lights in the entire house when users go to bed.

Separate tab for automation

Up to 6 devices or groups of devices on one screen

Smart home control

Stay always informed with the built-in buzzer, receiving notifications for alarms, door openings, and entry/exit delays. PRO can effortlessly adjust the sound volume on a smartphone or PC. Remain one step ahead with the keypad's malfunction notifications during arming.

Sound notifications about alarms and events

Instant malfunction notifications

Sound and malfunction notifications

Designed for any location





Private house

Private house

Coworking space

Coworking space

Workplace or warehouse




Car service

Car service

Educational institution

Educational institution

Three authentication methods

There are three easy ways to control the keypad, giving users the flexibility to choose what suits them best. All events display in the feed, including user activity and authentication details.


Control the keypad via smartphone with an Ajax app. Access rights are only granted to users approved by the admin

Smartphone method

Pass card and Tag key fob

When someone uses the Pass card or the Tag key fob, it’s logged in the event feed of the Ajax app. The admin can revoke or restrict the access rights of the contactless access device at any time.

Pass card and Tag key fob method


KeyPad TouchScreen supports the following code types:

  • keypad code (one per keypad)
  • personal code (individual for each user)
  • code for an unregistered person
Authentication method using code

Contactless access devices

Pass card and the Tag key fob are equipped with original DESFire® chips and feature the same functionality but different enclosures. Users can choose the convenient form. One Tag or Pass can control up to 13 security systems. Access devices are sold separately in batches of 3, 10, or 100 pieces.

Access for unregistered users

With a simple assignment of a personal access code in the hub settings, office employees, cleaning company staff, or other individuals enter the area with convenience at its finest.

Access for unregistered users

Remote creation and management of codes

Notifications for adding, removing, and deactivating codes

A unique name and ID binding to identify the user

Up to 99 keypad access codes

Full protection in case of emergency

Emergency alert

User notifies about the emergency alert

Emergency alert

System transmits the alarm

Emergency alert

Security company calls a rapid response unit

KeyPad TouchScreen provides a tab with configurable panic buttons that can notify about three event types. If the user is forced to disarm the system, they can use a duress code. It simulates disarming, and simultaneously sends an alarm to the security company.

Tab with panic buttons to notify about alarm, fire, or auxiliary event

Duress code

Exceptional touch screen experience

A high-resolution screen accommodates all necessary controls, ensuring a stunning and high-quality image. Featuring automatic brightness adjustment and a sleek glass design, the product combines aesthetics with convenience.

5-inch screen with a resolution of 480 × 854 px

Bright during the day, not dazzling at night

Screen protection against scrapes, scratches, etc.

Unique touch screen operation experience


Unique wired technology

An Ajax system uses secure two-way communication based on Fibra proprietary protocol. It features encryption and device authentication to prevent sabotage, spoofing, and data theft. Fibra lines are versatile and support connecting different types of devices to one line: sirens, keypads, and detectors with photo verification.

Unique wired technologies

Up to 2,000 m of wired communication with a hub

One line for different types of devices

Photo delivery via Fibra line without interference

Protection against sabotage and spoofing

Remote access rights management

Change access rights and codes in real time in the Ajax apps. Compromised codes can be remotely altered within minutes. The installer doesn’t need to visit the object.

Remote code management

Remote user access rights management

Remote blocking of cards, key fobs, and smartphones

Remote access

Complex sabotage protection

Tamper alarm

Tamper alarm

Users and the security companies are notified when someone tries to remove the keypad from the mounting panel or detaches the device from the surface. The keypad is secured with a screw at the bottom, enhancing its resistance to tampering and increasing its reliability.

Protection against code guessing and use of third-party devices

Protection against code guessing and use of third-party devices

KeyPad TouchScreen locks itself if an incorrect code is entered consecutively more than three times within a minute. The keypad exclusively responds to cards, key fobs, and smartphones authorized in the Ajax app, rendering it impossible to control the system through a third-party access device.

Protection against spoofing

Protection against spoofing

The hub verifies the device's unique parameters for authentication during each communication session. Should any parameter fail this check, the hub will disregard device commands.

Data encryption

Data encryption

All data stored and transmitted by the system is protected by a block cipher with a dynamic key. This encryption ensures that reprogramming the keypad, replacing, or stealing the data becomes extremely challenging.

Data-rich notifications

Data-rich notifications

The Ajax system instantly notifies about alarms and events with informative notifications: security companies and users know exactly which device was triggered, when and where it happened.

Regular polling

Regular polling

The device regularly exchanges data with the hub. With minimal polling settings (3 data packages in 12 seconds), it takes 36 seconds to identify communication loss and notify the security company and users about the incident.

PRO is king

The myth that wired systems are difficult to install has been busted. Ajax has transformed what used to be an expensive, lengthy, and dusty experience for PROs by developing an ultimate set of tools to make the process easy and flexible, from project design to client support and system maintenance. There is no need to disassemble the device for installation. Intuitive Ajax apps ensure the device can be integrated into the system quickly, and each device can be reconfigured remotely without the need for site visits.

Fibra power supply calculator

Use our online calculator to ensure the Fibra system covers your facility. It helps verify the project of a wired security system and provides additional information for installers.

With the SmartBracket panel, an installer can effortlessly mount the device on a wall. The installation kit includes all the necessary fasteners, eliminating the need to disassemble the device. Instead, the board with terminals is placed outside the enclosure under SmartBracket, preventing any hardware damage during installation. This board is also removable, simplifying the entire process. To effectively manage cables, channels are integrated within the SmartBracket to secure the wires. Furthermore, a special screw ensures that the keypad is securely fastened onto the SmartBracket.

No need to disassemble the keypad’s enclosure

Removable terminal board

All the necessary fasteners included in the installation kit

Holding screw to secure the keypad on a mounting panel

Installers can add a keypad in two ways: by automatically scanning lines or scanning a QR code. When scanning lines, they can identify the desired device either by clicking in the app or by activating a tamper. Once a device is added by an installer, it immediately has a default name and settings suitable for most cases.

Pairing with a hub via line scanning or QR code

Device identification via triggering or LED indication

Optimal default settings

Fibra scanning lines

All testing and configuration can be done in mobile and desktop Ajax apps. An installer can work both on behalf of the company and as a sole installer.

Configuration and testing remotely and on-site

Desktop and mobile apps

Accounts for companies and installers


Using proprietary protocols, any Ajax system can transmit alarms to the PRO Desktop monitoring app and third-party CMS. When an alarm is received, the monitoring station operator knows what happened and where to send the rapid response unit. All Ajax devices are addressable, allowing the transmission of events, device type, assigned name, and room to PRO Desktop or third-party monitoring software.

Fully addressability of the device

Instant notifications in Ajax apps

Alarm and event monitoring in PRO Desktop for monitoring companies

Convenient monitoring

Technical information

Ajax product lines

Superior, Fibra, and Baseline product lines are mutually compatible. This opens up numerous possibilities for building systems of any configuration.