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Fibra communication technology

Proprietary wired communication technology.
Fibra combines the reliability of wires with the freedom of radio connection.
It features:
  • Two-way communication.
  • Advanced anti-sabotage.
  • Instant notifications.
  • Remote configuration via the Ajax apps.

Line connection

4-core cable

Fibra line length

up to 6,500 ft
When using the U/UTP cat.5 twisted pair.
Encrypted communication

Key features

Alarm type

acoustic and LED
Buzzer and LED.

Alarm volume

from 81 to 105 dB at a distance of 3.3 ft
Adjusted by PRO or user with admin rights in the Ajax app.

Alarm duration

from 3 s to 3 min
Adjusted by a PRO or user with admin rights in the Ajax app.

Siren sound frequency

3.4 ± 0.5 kHz

Additional LED connection

3 V
An external LED works in parallel with the LED built into
the siren and fully replicates its indication.


The siren makes a special sound to notify that the opening detectors
are triggered when the system is disarmed.

Events indication

  • Alerts.
  • Entry/exit delays.
  • Security mode.
  • Security mode changing.
  • After-alarm indication.


The siren is designed for indoor use only.
Recommended installation height is 8.2 ft and higher.

Anti-sabotage protection

Tampering alarm

Alerts of attempts to detach the siren from the surface or remove the mounting panel.

Protection against forgery

Device authentication

Power supply

Fibra line power supply

5−30 V⎓, up to 390 mW
The siren is powered by the control panel.



3.56″ × 3.56″ × 1.30″


2.96 oz

Operating temperature range

from 14 °F to 104 °F

Operating humidity

up to 75%

Protection class




Complete set

HomeSiren Fibra
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24 months

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