Tech specs

Transmitter Fibra

Wired module to integrate one third-party device into the Ajax system



Fibra communication technology

Proprietary wired communication technology. Fibra combines the reliability of wires with the freedom of radio connection.
Key features:
  • Two-way communication.
  • Advanced anti-sabotage.
  • Block encryption featuring a dynamic key.
  • Instant notifications.
  • Remote configuration in the Ajax apps.

Line connection

4-core cable


to any point of the Fibra line
Transmitter Fibra can be installed after a hub, detector, keypad, or siren.

Fibra line length

up to 6,500 ft
When using the U/UTP cat.5 twisted pair cable.

Encrypted communication

All stored and transmitted data are protected by block encryption featuring a dynamic key.

Wired devices connection

Supported configurations

  • roller shutter
  • tamper
  • wired device with 15 event types

Connector pins

  • 12V — power supply output for a wired detector
  • GND — ground
  • Z1–Z2 — inputs for connecting a wired detector
  • COM — common input for connecting signal contacts of a wired detector
Transmitter Fibra has 2 inputs (Z1 and Z2) to connect the wired detector using the AATT (i.e., Alarm Alarm Tamper Tamper) scheme.

Type of connection

With EOL total resistance from 1 kΩ to 40 kΩ with a 100 Ω increment.

Cable length

up to 3 m
When using a signal cable with a 0.22 mm² copper conductor.

Operation mode

pulse, bistable

Event types

15 event types of wired devices
  • Tamper alarm
  • Intrusion
  • Fire
  • Auxiliary alarm
  • Panic button
  • Gas alarm
  • Malfunction
  • Leakage
  • Glass break
  • High temperature
  • Low temperature
  • Masking
  • Duress code (opening)
  • Vibration (seismic sensor)
  • Custom
Adjusted by a PRO or a user with admin rights in the Ajax app.


Transmitter Fibra should be installed inside the wired detector case. The module requires a space with the following minimum dimensions: 1.57″ × 0.59″ × 0.48″

Sabotage protection

Protection against spoofing

device authentication

Instant line damage detection

Valid for EOL, 2EOL, or 3EOL connections.

Communication loss detection

after 36 s
Between the hub and Transmitter Fibra. It can be changed in the hub settings.

Power supply

Fibra line

7–30 V⎓, up to 200 mA
The hub powers the module.

Output to the connected wired device

10.5–15 V⎓, up to 50 mA (total maximum current consumption)
One power supply line from Transmitter Fibra.



1.57″ × 0.59″ × 0.48″


0.21 oz

Operating temperature range

from −13 °F to +122 °F

Operating humidity

up to 75%

Electric shock protection

Class II

Complete set

Transmitter Fibra
Accessory 5-pin cable
Quick start guide

Additional information

Compliance with standards


24 months

User manual