CMS app to monitor Ajax security systems

Smart professional monitoring

We believe that the best user experience is achievable only in close cooperation between hardware and software. We've proven our expertise in security equipment. Ajax apps became a role model for competitors. Our next challenge is to take professional monitoring to the new level. And we believe that 911 can do this.

Hassle-free monitoring

Security starts with a detector alarm and finishes with handling it by an operator. With the advent of 911 CMS, this process becomes genuinely seamless.

When an object is created in 911, the Ajax system’s hardware configuration is automatically loaded from the cloud server. The company's engineer does not waste time transferring devices manually. No risk of mechanical error. And the business does not incur losses.

Interface that works for you

Every 911 screen implements the idea of efficiency. Alarms are merged into an incident, making it easier for an operator to assess what is happening and increase response speed. Flexible filtering options for events and objects allows an engineer to administer hundreds of thousands of security systems in one app. Lightning-fast search makes navigation effortless. Thanks to the adaptive interface, work becomes comfortable on any screen.

Photo verification as evidence of professionalism

Minimize reactions to false alarms. Be where your help is needed. Photo verification is the new norm for smart monitoring.

Photo verification is available right after the 911 installation. There is no need for extra modules and app settings.

Tool for productive teamwork

In 911, we've combined the best professional CMS practices and cutting-edge interface design approaches to create a convenient app for a well-coordinated work of monitoring center staff. The 911 capacities take into account each monitoring station user's specific tasks and help the business work more efficiently.
Manages permissions and analyzes service performance
Handles incidents and coordinates the RRUs
Connects objects and administers security systems

The bank-level communication reliability

911 needs only a minute to detect if communication with the security system is interrupted. Information transfer is carried out using secure encrypted protocols. For the company, this is a capacity to provide clients with the Grade 4 signaling level by default.
From 10 seconds
to 5 minutes testing interval
From 15 minutes
to 24 hours testing interval

Cloud infrastructure at no extra cost

911 does not require powerful servers, dedicated IPs, and a system administrator on staff. The app can be run on a budget computer and monitor tens of thousands of objects. The computations take place in the Ajax Cloud server. The data is stored encrypted. The server is located in several geographically dispersed data centers, has an intelligent load balancing, and uses cutting-edge server technologies.
uptime in 2020
2 year
event archive

Ready to scale along with your business

The cloud nature makes 911 the perfect tool for an aggressively growing monitoring business. Growth from a hundred to a thousand or even hundreds of thousands of objects will not require the company to rebuild the infrastructure, purchase new equipment, and expand the monitoring center staff. 911 ensures any workload, freeing up resources to improve client service.

Join the smart side

If you have a computer with Internet access, you are ready to perform professional monitoring with 911. Want to try?

Toolbox for PROs

Free apps for central monitoring station installers and engineers to connect and administer Ajax security systems.

Guide on working in 911

How to add operators, engineers, and rapid response units

How to add hubs and create security objects

How to set up and delete security objects

How to use the events journal

How to process alarms

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