As the largest manufacturer of security devices in Europe, Ajax Systems aims to receive the most prestigious and crucial certifications for security standards. The company already has international certifications, which is crucial for most of the countries.

At the same time, the company is interested in its presence expansion on the global market, that’s why it is important to comply with the local standards. In case with Belgium, it was INCERT. And now, our devices received certifications, so that INCERT installers can work with our equipment.

What is INCERT certification

INCERT is a Belgian organisation that owns the INCERT mark and various certification schemes in the security industry. Considering that this country is a gateway to Europe and plays a central role in its commercial and business life, it’s no surprise that international companies are eager to get INCERT certification for their products and services.

This certification isn’t mandatory and can be pursued by both manufacturing companies and companies that specialize in security systems installation. If the installer isn’t certified, but the system has certification, installation by this specialist considered as such that doesn’t comply with INCERT requirements.

ajax devices certificates incert

INCERT mark on a device hints at top-notch quality, ensuring clients’ trust. Only certified companies and products can use this mark. The system undergoes inspection regarding INCERT compliance every 18 months.

Why getting this certification is a challenge

There are several defining stages to decide whether a product deserves INCERT certificate.

Initial evaluation: an introductory overview of a product and a company.

Laboratory tests: a device undergoes numerous stringent tests designed to assess its performance, durability, and resistance to sabotage. The device’s performance assessment presupposes testing its battery life, speed of tamper reaction, communication reliability, and response time. Such tests presuppose the use of scenarios to simulate real-life usage as well.

Documentation review: user manuals, technical specifications, and installation guides must be comprehensible and accurate, so an INCERT certified installer can effortlessly install and configure the security devices.

Compliance verification: at this point, INCERT experts compare the test results and documentation against their established security standards.

The final decision: after successfully completing the INCERT testing, a device that meets all the security standard requirements gets the certificate.

Why INCERT certification matters for Ajax Systems

  • Credibility. INCERT certification increases users’ confidence in the device’s ability to provide a robust security solution.
  • Reliability. Certified devices undergo harsh tests, meaning that the device with the INCERT marking has successfully passed every testing stage.
  • Access to a market. The certification provides installers with new opportunities in a promising location.

Which Ajax devices are tested for the certification

Obtaining INCERT certification might be difficult for companies, yet 24 Ajax devices already have the certification marking, including devices of both Superior and Fibra product lines.

Certified devices
Hub Hybrid (2G) Hub Hybrid (4G)
MultiTransmitter Jeweller MultiTransmitter Fibra
GlassProtect S Jeweller* GlassProtect Fibra*
DoorProtect S Jeweller* DoorProtect S Plus Jeweller*
DoorProtect Fibra* DoorProtect Plus Fibra*
MotionProtect S Jeweller* MotionProtect S Plus Jeweller*
MotionProtect Fibra* MotionProtect Plus Fibra*
MotionCam S (PhOD) Jeweller* MotionCam Fibra
HomeSiren S Jeweller* HomeSiren Fibra
StreetSiren Fibra* StreetSiren DoubleDeck Fibra*
KeyPad S Plus Jeweller* KeyPad Fibra
Button S Jeweller ReX 2 Jeweller*

* The certificates for these products are at the registration stage.

Every time Ajax devices get certifications, it is proof of the company’s pursuit of excellence and dedication to manufacturing high-class security devices. INCERT certification allows installers to broaden their opportunities.