Ajax Systems, a Ukrainian manufacturer and developer of security systems, partnered with the mathematical community Kontora Pi. The company supported the mathematicians and will participate in their winter children’s camp.

We understand that the majority of technical students are people with some sort of mathematical training. This is why we want mathematics to become a national trend.Aleksandr Konotopskyi, Ajax Systems CEO

ajax mathematic
Kontora Pi organizes math camps for schoolchildren and teachers. The community trains participants in olympiad math, advanced English, and business disciplines. After such camps, students feel more confident at olympiads, and teachers open math clubs in their schools. During the three years of Kontora Pi’s existence, it has gathered hundreds of mathematicians from all over Ukraine.

Ajax Systems will take part in their winter camp for children. In particular, it will host a big tour of its production and offer workshops on creation and testing of real devices.

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