Ajax Systems and Ucode IT Academy are developing an IoT training program

Ajax Systems and Ucode IT Academy are developing an IoT training program

The IoT Device Development program will help understand how to create devices for the Internet of things from scratch. Ajax Systems will provide students with everything they need for their studies, and invite the best of them for an interview.

This is a 100% practical course — from the first launch of hardware to the creation of wireless data transmission technologies. Our partnership with Ucode is not accidental. A year ago we started inviting juniors to our teams. That’s when we noticed Ucode graduates. And today, some features for our users have been implemented with their help. We decided to strengthen the training process and share our field-specific knowledge. That’s because we want more and more great specialists on the market.

Aleksandr Konotopskyi

Ajax Systems CEO

IoT Device Development is part of the Programmer Profession program. It will take 5 months to complete and will help you understand software and hardware development for IoT from scratch.

Students will create their own loT systems that combine devices and technologies. Such systems help protect life and property, promote reasonable use of human and natural resources.

The program includes various tasks on launching units, working with interfaces and sensors, wireless data transmission, interaction between devices and servers, the basics of working with BLE, etc.

The company will provide students with starter kits containing all the components needed to complete the program tasks.

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