LookC becomes the new official distributor of Ajax in Sweden

LookC becomes the new official distributor of Ajax in Sweden

Ajax Systems launched a partnership with the Swedish distributor of security equipment LookC. Based on this agreement, LookC will be able to provide Ajax professional security system to its customers in the industry.

We have seen a need to expand our distribution network, and LookC has been very professional in their go-to-market strategy, plans and ambitions. Especially the fact of attracting a focused part of the market, in which we are not strongly represented today. We are looking forward to supporting them to succeed with Ajax products.

Michael Hygild

, Regional Sales Director for Northern Europe at Ajax Systems

LookС is glad to start with Ajax thanks to their design, technology and quality being the fastest growing and most innovative alarm brand in Europe both on residential and commercial installations. Our goal is to provide a full range of Ajax products and support in the best way to help our customers grow their business.

Torbjörn Halstensen

, Sales Manager on Lookc AB

Ajax Systems officially entered the Northern Europe market in 2016. Since then, it became one of the top 10 focus markets for the company. Ajax alarm is of particular interest to this market due to its high quality, neat design and stable connectivity.

Beyond that, in 2020 Ajax was also chosen to protect a UNESCO World Heritage site in Norway. In cooperation with Elotec, a Norwegian distributor of security systems and manufacturer of wired fire alarms, the company won a tender from the municipality of Bergen for the supply of a wireless fire security system. Wireless Ajax detectors have provided an opportunity to protect the city center without disturbing the interior of the buildings.

More about LookC

LookC AB is a distributor and supplier of products, systems and services in the security industry. It has been active in Sweden since 2002 as a subsidiary of Elkotek Sikkerhet AS located in Strømmen, Norway. The company specializes in different kinds of security products and cloud services and delivers the best service for its customers with innovative future-proof solutions.

More about Ajax Systems

Ajax Systems is a European manufacturer of professional security systems with smart home capabilities. The company is headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine and was established in 2011 by Aleksandr Konotopskyi. Today, Ajax smart alarm reliably protects over 1 million people in 120 countries worldwide from burglary, fire, and flood, and is recognized as the most award-winning wireless security system in Europe.