Meet Outlet Jeweller: Smart outlet with power consumption monitoring and automation scenarios

Meet Outlet Jeweller: Smart outlet with power consumption monitoring and automation scenarios

Discover wireless smart outlets, controlled through the Ajax app for efficient energy management and automatization. Outlet Jeweller offers power control and automation scenarios, has a remote configuration, and is controlled via smartphone. The device has high-performance capabilities and is easy to install.

Beyond the ordinary power grid

Outlet completes the Comfort & Productivity product group and expands the scope of Ajax devices for space automation. The device belongs to a series of Ajax wireless smart built-in outlets with a power meter. Ajax app helps to control the power of any electrical appliance plugged into Outlet.

Outlet has flexible settings and remote configuration, supports automation scenarios, shows statuses with LED indication, and helps to detect “energy vampires” among electrical appliances. It also has a touch-sensitive power button to turn off the appliance, so it is unnecessary to use the app or unplug the electrical appliance from Outlet manually.

It is easy to install Outlet in standard mounting boxes. In contrast to cheap yet unreliable no-name devices or expensive high-end products, Outlet proposes exceptional quality at a reasonable price.

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Electrical safety

Outlet protects your appliances from sudden power surges that can heat components and wires in electronic appliances and cause them to burn out. Outlet interrupts power supply to appliances and electronics in case of under- and overvoltage.

The device features a grounding contact to prevent electric shock and overheating protection to reduce the risk of fires. For instance, if the temperature exceeds +95 °C, the outlet will automatically turn off and send a notification to the app.

Safety shutters prevent children from accessing the outlet and sticking fingers or objects inside. They also protect the device from dust and splashes. The outlet monitors the power consumption of the connected device: current, voltage, and energy consumption. The built-in non-volatile memory stores this data.

Technology at the edge of design


Outlet is an assembled device consisting of a relay, a transparent frame, and a color face panel. This design allows an electrician to assemble Outlet of the required configuration.

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The transparent frame can feature up to 5 seats, and the frame is combined with relays and face panels according to interior design. There are different face panel variations: solo, central buttons, and side buttons. Outlet can be used separately or combined with LightSwitch switches and installed into the same frame.


The outlet’s cover is available in 8 colors, matching LightSwitch, creating a unified design composition. The device’s aesthetic character is expressed through its changeable cover, which can be changed in a matter of seconds. Thus, it offers the flexibility to complement any interior, whether it’s due to renovation, wall repainting, or room relocation.

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A discreet touch button in the corner of the face panel offers the convenience of powering the plugged device on or off. This feature is initially disabled but can be easily activated through the app.

The soft LED backlight doesn’t dazzle the user or disturb sleep, yet it allows users to locate the outlet at night. It includes multi-colored LED indicators for status updates, such as power on/off and current load (different colors correspond to varying loads), and for overheating. Users can customize the brightness of the indicators or turn them off at their convenience.

Easy mounting

Outlet is developed by people who understand the work of a professional electrician. Installation requires minimum effort. There is no need to change something in a mounting box.

Outlet is designed to replace any existing built-in outlet seamlessly, so this device is compatible with standard mounting boxes. An electrician needs 5-10 minutes to replace it, including dismantling and mounting a new one. Any qualified electrician can install it without specialized training.

ajax outlet jeweller

Even considering that Outlet is located in a concrete niche — the installation can easily cover a private house with an area of hundreds of square meters without range extenders.

Security technologies serving the power grid

The outlet is an integral component of the Ajax security system, ensuring reliable performance under all circumstances. It is operated using the Jeweller radio protocol, specially adapted for seamless integration into home automation.

The protocol features frequency hopping and a guaranteed delivery; it constantly monitors connection quality and has the best-in-class communication range. Jeweller is way more reliable than common technologies for automation, such as Z-Wave, ZigBee, or Wi-Fi.

The brain of the system — an Ajax hub — runs on OS Malevich, a real-time operating system. It does not lag or freeze; it instantly loads and performs all actions. It takes less than a second from a tap on a smartphone to the lights switch on. A scenario is executed in less than a second as well.

Outlet is compatible with Hub Hybrid, Hub Plus, or higher — meaning that communication with the outside world is provided by two communication channels at least. Therefore, even if the Ethernet connection is lost, the light can always be controlled via the cellular channel.

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Power grid control in a pocket

Configure and manage the device via app, including power control and automation scenarios customization. The app offers real-time device status updates and remote control capabilities from anywhere with an Internet connection. Also, the app maintains a detailed event log, so the user knows everything that happens on-site from instant notifications.

Set up automation scenarios in the Ajax apps. Turn on the floor heating, boiler, and heater by schedule. Turn off all electrical appliances if Ajax fire detectors or water leak prevention devices are triggered. Activating the air conditioner if the room temperature exceeds 25 °C. Turning off the iron when the system is armed.

Imitate your presence at home to mislead the burglars: the TV and lights are on automatically according to schedule or when the Ajax motion detectors are triggered. Turn off the washing machine if the LeaksProtect detector identifies a water leak. The automation scenarios are executed on the hub level and keep running even if the connection with the server is lost.

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