Launching pre-series production in Kyiv: Ajax Systems expands capacities

Launching pre-series production in Kyiv: Ajax Systems expands capacities

Ajax Systems is launching pre-series production in Kyiv to assemble new products, including TurretCam, BulletCam, and DomeCam Mini video cameras, Ajax NVRs, KeyPad TouchScreen keypads, and other devices announced at the latest Ajax Special Event: Rule your space.

The expansion of the product portfolio to 135 devices, including video surveillance devices, led to the establishment of a production center closer to development engineers. This move enables the R&D team to control manufacturing processes, ensuring additional equipment, testing, and verification are completed before mass production.

The total capacity of pre-series production is 50 to 70 thousand devices per month, with plans to expand production capacity by 50% next year.

The pre-series production department is actively hiring employees for various roles: SMD line operators, RCA assemblers, test bench operators, assemblers, QC sorters, long-test operators, quality controllers, and other engineers. In total, the team will consist of 220 people.

In the spring of 2022, Ajax Systems relocated its production facilities to the western region of Ukraine and opened another plant in Turkey on January 5, 2022.

About Ajax Systems

Ajax Systems is an international technology company and the largest security systems manufacturer in Europe. The product portfolio includes 135 wireless and wired devices for ultimate security and automation. The company offers video surveillance, fire safety, water leak prevention, and smart home devices. Currently, Ajax protects over 2.5 million users in 187 countries.