Easy setup for solid video surveillance: introducing JunctionBox

Easy setup for solid video surveillance: introducing JunctionBox

In the world of security, every detail matters. That’s why we’ve designed a native accessory for Ajax cameras that embodies our quality, ease of use, and exquisite design philosophy.

Meet JunctionBox (118×59), a mounting box for security IP cameras that ensures a solid and reliable setup for your surveillance needs.

A versatile solution for various installations

Whether you’re looking to install concrete walls, ceilings, or columns indoors or outdoors, JunctionBox has got you covered. Its robust design allows for easy installation and provides a secure enclosure for wires and connections of your Ajax IP cameras.

Key features

JunctionBox is more than just a mounting box. It’s a thoughtfully designed accessory that ensures the longevity of your security setup.

Below are the key features of JunctionBox:

  • Aluminum enclosure: protects the wiring from water and dust.
  • PG21 cable gland: protects the cable from damage, loss of insulation, and excessive bending.
  • Two-cable sealing ring: provides a waterproof connection for both Ethernet and power cable.
  • Grounding terminal: protects against short circuits and accidental electric shocks.

Compatibility with Ajax cameras

JunctionBox (118×59) is compatible with TurretCam, BulletCam, and DomeCam Mini cameras. Harnessing the power of the proprietary JetSparrow technology, these devices blend high-definition surveillance with unparalleled privacy safeguards.

Designed for versatility, they’re apt for both indoor and outdoor environments with their IP65 rating. Each camera model is stuffed with one of four possible configurations: a lens with a viewing angle of 85 or 110 degrees and 3K or 4K resolution. With so many matrix types and lenses, cameras accommodate various surveillance needs. The passwordless authentication ensures a seamless and secure setup.

The minimalist design of TurretCam, BulletCam, and DomeCam Mini cameras makes an outstanding combination with JunctionBox (118×59). It’s not just an accessory but a vital part of your security setup. Its thoughtful design and compatibility with Ajax cameras make it a reliable choice for those seeking a convenient and robust video surveillance solution.

With PRO in mind

The JunctionBox (118×59) kit is a comprehensive package designed to provide everything a professional installer needs for a seamless installation. In addition to JunctionBox (118×59), the kit includes:

Installation template. This ensures perfect hole alignment for a flawless installation.
Installation kit. All the necessary tools and fasteners are included, so there’s no need for additional brackets on site.
Quick start guide. A handy guide to help you start the installation and setup process.

Improve your security system by investing in a high-quality product. You can buy JunctionBox (118×59) from Ajax Systems partners. Click to find out where to buy.

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