JunctionBox (118×59)

JunctionBox (118×59)

Mounting box for security IP camera

Easy setup for solid video surveillance

JunctionBox is a waterproof aluminum mounting box designed for the robust cable management of Ajax IP cameras. It can be easily mounted on concrete walls, ceilings, and columns both indoors and outdoors. Every detail is thought out to ensure long-term durability for years.


Thoughtfulness in details


Aluminum IP66 enclosure to protect the wiring from water and dust


PG21 cable gland to protect the cable from damage, loss of insulation, and excessive bending

Sealing ring

Two-cable sealing ring for waterproof cable connection

Grounding terminal

Grounding terminal to protect against short circuits and accidental electric shock1

Devices compatibility

Devices compatibility

JunctionBox (118×59) is compatible with TurretCam, BulletCam, and DomeCam Mini cameras. Step into an exclusive realm of personal control and choose the model that best suits your requirements. No passwords are needed — just a seamless command at your fingertips. TurretCam, BulletCam, and DomeCam Mini personify the epitome of unwavering control and privacy.


Grounding is carried out by a specialist in compliance with local electrical safety rules and regulations.

Ajax product lines

Superior, Fibra, and Baseline product lines are mutually compatible. This opens up numerous possibilities for building systems of any configuration.