Ajax Systems, a Ukrainian manufacturer of security systems, has opened the second plant in Kyiv. It is located on the Left Bank at 9 Boryspilska St., on the territory of the former Kyiv radio plant. The area of the facility is 1,865 sq. m.

Ajax decided to open the second location due to production scaling.

Next year, we plan to double our business, so we need one more production site. We decided to open it at Boryspilska, as it already has a large production cluster. This location will also allow us to attract more employees from the Left Bank and build a large production team faster.Aleksandr Konotopskyi, Ajax Systems CEO

At the moment, the new factory is focused on the production of DoorProtect and DoorProtect Plus detectors. In the future, both Ajax plants will be duplicating each other by projects and produce the entire product range.


We’ve launched 24/7 testing, gathering and assembling, quality control and packaging at the Boryspilska plant. In the future, we plan to switch all the sites to the 24/7 schedule.Bohdan Demchyshyn, Ajax Systems Chief Production Officer

This year, Ajax plans to recruit 150 people for the new location: there are open vacancies available for pickers, packers, assemblers, test stand operators, REE assemblers, and quality inspectors. And up to 1,000 positions are to be created next year.

The first Ajax plant is located at 5 Sklyarenka St.