DoorProtect Plus Jeweller

DoorProtect Plus Jeweller

Wireless reed-switch opening detector with shock and tilt sensors

Guardian for doors, windows, and valuables

DoorProtect Plus Jeweller is designed to detect intrusion and burglary attempts, offering comprehensive coverage for doors, windows, skylights, and vaults. Equipped with a reed switch as an opening sensor, the detector features protection against chattering in its operation. Two magnets of different sizes provide more installation options. The device also detects shock and tilt with a built-in accelerometer, protecting the facility even when windows are in airing mode. All in line with the Ajax user experience, ensuring quick and easy device installation.

Durable reed switch

in a plastic capsule

Durable reed switch

Protection against chattering

to prevent false alarms

Shock and tilt detection

with a built-in accelerometer

Shock and tilt detection

Adjustable sensitivity

of a shock sensor

Adjustable sensitivity

More installation options

with 2 magnets included

Installation options

Adjustable tilt angle and alarm delay

Chime1 feature

Chime feature
Pre-installed battery

Up to 5 years of operation

with the pre-installed battery

Remote control

Remote control and configuration

NC detector

Terminals to connect a third-party NC detector

2 colors

of glossy enclosure

Two colours

Informative push notifications

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Office: Opening detected, DoorProtect Plus Jeweller in Hall No. 1

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Manufacturing: Shock detected, DoorProtect Plus Jeweller in Office No. 1

Up to 1,200 m

communication range with an Ajax hub or a range extender2

Jeweller radio communication

Jeweller radio communication

Power adjustment

Hassle-free installation


QR code





Devices compatibility

Superior, Fibra, and Baseline product lines are mutually compatible. This opens up numerous possibilities for building systems of any configuration.

Wherever there is a risk of intrusion











Discover future-proof hardware

Reed switch

Reed switch



Pre-installed battery

Pre-installed battery

Two magnets

Two magnets of different sizes


Tamper against detaching the detector from the surface

Jeweller antenna

Jeweller antenna


Terminals to connect a third-party NC detector

SmartBracket mounting panel

SmartBracket mounting panel

No intruder goes unnoticed

Reed switch for reliable opening detection

DoorProtect Plus Jeweller features a durable reed switch that guarantees decades of trouble-free operation. Housed in a resilient plastic capsule, the reed switch remains intact during transportation, even in case of drops. Two magnets of different sizes provide more installation options: the small one operates at a distance of up to 1 cm from the reed switch, and the large one — up to 2 cm. The detector functions effectively irrespective of magnet placement.

Two magnets included: small and large

Plastic capsule protects reed switch during transportation

Reed switches

Immediate detection of threats

The built-in accelerometer swiftly responds to shock, detecting potential burglary attempts, such as door forcing and vault breaches. The shock sensor features three sensitivity levels that can be adjusted to match facility specifics. The detector can also ignore a single impact to minimize the risk of false alarms triggered by external factors. The installer can choose the appropriate settings for accurate detection, even in environments with vibrations from neighboring constructions or heavy passing traffic.

Early detection of threats via the shock sensor

Three adjustable sensitivity levels

The option to ignore a single impact for false alarm prevention

Threats detection

Windows protection in an airing mode

The built-in accelerometer protects open windows, seamlessly adapting to diverse facility specifics. For doors and windows, installers can set up a tilt angle of the detector, ranging from 5 to 25 degrees. The system swiftly detects even the slightest deviations from the initial value and provides adjustable tilt alarm delay, ranging from 1 second to 1 minute. If the tilt angle surpasses the initial value for longer than a specified time, the system raises an alarm.

Tilt detection

Adjustable tilt angle

Adjustable tilt alarm delay

Windows protection

Enhanced security with additional detectors

DoorProtect Plus Jeweller has terminals for connecting any third-party wired NC detector3 that can be used to enhance the reliability of the system. An installer can integrate a detector operating on a different principle, such as a roller shutter motion detector4. When connected to DoorProtect Plus Jeweller, a third-party detector promptly responds to alarms from other detectors and cable breakage.

Additional detectors

Use a detector as a doorbell

The Chime feature transforms the combination of an Ajax opening detector and siren into a shopkeeper's bell. When the system is disarmed, the siren notifies about door openings with one of four available short sound signals. PRO users can adjust the volume and assign different signals for separate entrances, making it easy to recognize whether someone entered through the main or a back door.

Detector as a doorbell

Sound signals for door openings

Signal setup for different security groups

Customizable signals for separate entrances

The system requires an Ajax siren for the Chime feature to work.

Chime feature

Wire-free flexibility and reliable performance

Baseline devices operate without any wires, offering maximum flexibility during installation. The pre-installed CR123A battery from proven manufacturers ensures a hassle-free setup, requiring no additional steps to start operating the devices. In addition to real-time testing during battery production, Ajax Systems inspects every unit to ensure the accuracy of the battery characteristics. The battery can be easily replaced after approximately five years of autonomous operation. Its status is always accessible in the Ajax app. Users and security companies receive low battery level notifications months in advance, allowing for timely replacement without rushing.

Real-time testing during battery production

Up to 5 years of autonomous operation

Low battery level notification in advance

Unique wireless technology


Unique wireless technology

An Ajax system uses two-way secure radio communication based on the Jeweller proprietary protocol. It provides block encryption and device authentication at each communication session with the hub to prevent sabotage, spoofing, or data theft.

Up to 1,200 m (3,900 ft) of radio communication with a hub or a range extender2

Encrypted two-way radio communication

Notifications about jamming and communication loss

Scaled and comprehensive

ReX 2 Jeweller boosts the radio range of all Ajax devices via Jeweller and ensures stable communication even through steel and concrete via Ethernet using the wire as the additional communication channel. Up to 5 range extenders can operate within one Ajax system to expand the network twice as big, covering underground parking, basement, or metal hangar.

Up to 5 range extenders within one system

Ethernet as an alternative communication channel

System supervision

All Ajax devices perform automatic self-diagnosis and report their states to the hub. Essential parameters, such as a tamper state, communication, power supply, and sensor statuses, are continuously monitored. The Ajax Cloud server controls communication between the hub and Ajax apps, ensuring instant notifications for ARCs, security companies, and users. In case of any malfunction or communication failure, an engineer is informed immediately to provide necessary services.

Automatic device self-diagnosis with status report

Regular polling to display the current device state in apps

Instant maintenance notifications

Advanced system supervision

Sabotage resistance

Tamper alarm

Tamper alarm

The enclosure has a tamper button. It notifies the security company and users once the device is detached from the mounting panel.

Data encryption

Data encryption

All data the system stores and transmits is protected by block encryption featuring a dynamic key. The encryption makes it extremely difficult to reprogram the device and provides robust protection against data replacement and theft.

Data-rich notifications

Data-rich notifications

The Ajax system instantly delivers informative push notifications about alarms and events. Security companies and users receive precise details about the incident, including the triggered device, along with the time and location.

Device authentication against spoofing

Device authentication against spoofing

During each communication session, the hub authenticates the device by checking its unique parameters. If any parameter fails the check, the hub ignores device commands.

Regular polling

Regular polling

The device regularly exchanges data with the hub. The system controls each device’s state and reports any malfunction or communication loss.

Communication loss detection

Communication loss detection

At minimal polling interval settings (3 data packages every 12 seconds), it takes only 36 seconds to detect communication loss and notify the security company and users about the incident.

Effortless installation and setup

DoorProtect Plus Jeweller is ready to operate straight out of the box. Using the SmartBracket panel, an installer can effortlessly mount the device, eliminating the need to disassemble the enclosure. Ajax apps help quickly make the device a part of the ecosystem: simply pair the device with the hub by scanning the QR code. It can always be reconfigured remotely without the need for on-site visits.

Pairing with the hub by scanning the QR code


The SmartBracket mounting panel: no need to disassemble the enclosure


Configuring and testing in mobile and desktop apps


The PRO Desktop app for macOS and Windows


The Chime feature requires an Ajax siren to operate. Learn more about Chime.


In an open space.


DoorProtect Plus Jeweller can not power the third-party detector. The power supply for this detector should be connected separately.


A roller shutter can detect cable breakage, while an NC detector responds only to alarms. The option is available for detectors with firmware version and higher.

Ajax product lines

Superior, Fibra, and Baseline product lines are mutually compatible. This opens up numerous possibilities for building systems of any configuration.

Wireless opening sensor Ajax DoorProtect Plus

An opening detector is a device that can detect the opening and closing of windows, doors, hatches, etc. Opening sensors are used in security systems to prevent intrusions and implement automated room control scenarios in smart homes.

The design of the sensor for opening windows and doors

The alarm opening detector consists of the sensor itself and the magnet. The detector's operation is based on a device, the contacts of which are closed in a calm state and open under the influence of a magnetic field. The opening detector is mounted on the window frame or door jamb, and the magnet is mounted on the sash. When at rest, the magnet and sensor are placed side by side so that the detector is within the range of the magnetic field. When the object on which the sensor is mounted is opened, the magnet moves away from the detector. The action of the magnetic field becomes weak, the contact in the sensor opens, and the sensor is activated. If the door or window is closed, the magnet will continue to react on the opening detector, and it will work again.

Connecting the opening sensor to other devices

Depending on the connection of the opening detector to additional devices, the alarm signal can be received as follows:
  • Turning on or off a light or other device.
  • Siren activation.
  • Alert users of the security system with notifications.
The controller receives the sensor signal about opening or closing the door, and it also gives commands to other devices, depending on the settings. The settings for the interaction of signalling devices are different in console security systems. In an alarm system installed by a security company (private or public), the alarm is sent to the security console, which notifies the alarm user. In a self-installed system, the user configures the interaction of sensors individually.

Using opening sensors for signalling

Window and door opening detectors control the premises and prevent intrusions into the protected space.

Intrusion protection

The opening sensor as part of the console security system can automatically send an alarm signal to the dispatch console, as a result of which, if necessary, the security company sends a response team to the place of operation. Connection to the security console is always optional. When the alarm opening sensor detects the door's opening in the armed mode, it can activate the siren and the surveillance camera. After the opening sensor is triggered, the system can send a notification to the system's users — an SMS or a push message, depending on the settings.

To control or care for loved ones

It is common to use opening detectors as an alarm for the care of the elderly, especially those with memory impairments, in social institutions or at home if they live independently despite their age and signs of the disorder, or to monitor children. For example, opening sensors for signalling are mounted on:
  • Front door — the system user receives a notification when a person leaves the house and returns.
  • On interior doors, if there is a need to monitor individual room areas.
  • On a cupboard or refrigerator with food to ensure the person has eaten.
  • At the place where medicines are stored, ensure that the person has taken the medication, etc.

Ajax DoorProtect Plus wireless opening sensor for burglar alarms

The Ajax DoorProtect Plus wireless alarm opening detector is equipped with a shock and tilt sensor. A wireless device is used to detect the opening of windows, doors, etc. The sensor is activated when the angle of inclination changes, when opened or when struck. The sensitivity level of the opening detector is adjustable. An external wired detector can be connected to the DoorProtect Plus wireless opening sensor for installation on metal hatches or gates, using an external terminal with an NC contact type. The wireless opening detector consists of a block with a reed switch and a magnet. The sensor is equipped with two magnets for different types of installation — a big magnet for parallel mounting and a small one for perpendicular mounting.

The principle of operation of the wireless opening detector with the Ajax DoorProtect Plus shock and tilt sensor

The principle of operation of a wireless opening detector is based on the properties of a reed switch. This part can become a conductor under the influence of a magnetic field. In a state of calm, the block with the reed switch and the magnet are closed. When opening the door or window on which the detector is installed, the magnet moves away from the reed switch, and it ceases to conduct current after opening the contacts. When a door or window is closed, reverse processes occur. The connections close, and the reed switch begins to conduct current when the magnet approaches. The opening sensor is triggered in both the first and second cases and sends an alarm signal to the alarm control panel. An English reed switch is installed in the detector, which works out more than a million operations and does not stick. The inclination sensor in the opening sensor detects a deviation of the device in the vertical plane by more than 5°. DoorProtect Plus wireless detector is mounted on any windows, including roof windows. The sensor allows users to arm the security system even when the windows are open for ventilation (users must disable the magnetic sensor in the settings). A wireless radio communication system provides the security of the alarm against hacking attempts by intruders with protection against jamming and signal encryption. The sensor's communication system allows it to operate within several floors of a building or up to 1200 m away from the control panel, providing no obstructions. The power of the device's magnet will be enough to mount detector modules with a mixture of up to 2 cm. This wireless opening sensor is used to protect both residential and industrial premises. The DoorProtect Plus alarm opening sensor works with the Ajax security system control panel; connection to third-party security systems via uartBridge or ocBridge Plus modules are not provided.

Features of the DoorProtect Plus opening sensor

  • The sensor is mounted without harm to the repair on the SmartBracket mount. Installation does not require disassembly of the wireless device case.
  • The wireless opening sensor for signalling transmits test signals to the Ajax control panel. The polling period of the detectors is adjusted individually. When attempting to dismantle or damage the device, the central alarm panel will immediately alarm users.
The information transmitted by the opening sensor is protected from interception and spoofing attempts.
  • The opening sensor regularly sends a signal about the battery status to the central panel to check if the alarm is working. Thanks to this principle of operation, the user will know in time about the need to replace the battery of the wireless opening sensor.
Thanks to the energy-saving algorithm, the sensor works for up to 5 years without replacing the pre-installed battery.
  • The signal transmission power is adjusted according to the distance of the opening sensor to the central unit, which saves battery power.
  • Two magnets are provided with the opening sensor for perpendicularly or parallel mounting devices.
  • It is possible to adjust the sensitivity to impacts at three levels, and the threshold of the tilt sensor is more than 5 ° — the option to skip the first strike to avoid false positives.
  • The case of the wireless opening sensor is protected from opening by a tamper, which is activated when an attempt is made to damage or dismantle the device and inform users about it.