Socket (type B) Jeweller: empowering automation, security, and control

Socket (type B) Jeweller: empowering automation, security, and control

Ajax Systems proudly unveils Socket (type B) Jeweller, a new addition to its Comfort & Productivity product line. The device features a type B plug used in countries of North and Latin America. Remotely controlled in Ajax apps, this smart plug puts real-time appliance management in usersʼ hands, enabling automation scenarios and enhancing the object’s security.

Streamlined control: close at hand and a distance

Socket (type B) Jeweller takes the worries out of managing appliances remotely. Whether a person is across the room or thousands of kilometers away from the premises, it allows remote control of electrical appliances right from Ajax apps. This smart plug lets a user turn off an accidentally left-on heater from anywhere or even start brewing coffee without leaving the comfort of the bed. Furthermore, Socket also has a built-in control button for times when a simple press is more accessible than finding a smartphone.

The force of automation scenarios

Socket brings automation scenarios into everyday life, making routine tasks more efficient and less time-consuming. Users can configure the power supply of plugged appliances based on diverse events, such as security mode modification, LightSwitch Jeweller touching, Button Jeweller pressing, temperature, humidity, and CO2 concentration parameters changing. Besides that, it is possible to set specific times for the appliance to turn on/off or automatically change its power state in response to alarm events.

Imagine having the lights or a heater turned on according to a set schedule and electrical appliances turned off instantly when fire detectors are triggered. Socket (type B) Jeweller can even simulate home activity by controlling lights and audio systems according to a schedule, making the property appear inhabited and preventing potential intruders.

Ajax apps maintain a detailed, indestructible log of all events and inform users with instant notifications. For instance, if the load current exceeds the predefined limits set in the app, the plug will automatically turn off, preventing potential damage. Simultaneously, the user will receive a notification alerting them to the overcurrent event.

Power consumption under control

The LED indication of the plug’s frame smoothly transitions between different colors, offering a practical way to visualize the current load. If one or more protections have been triggered, for example, a power surge occurs, the LED flashes red, highlighting critical events. At the same time, the system sends a notification to the user. The brightness of the indication can be easily adjusted or disabled in the Ajax app.

With real-time power monitoring, Socket (type B) Jeweller enables users to take control of the energy consumption of connected appliances. By accurately tracking current, voltage, power consumption, and consumed energy, Socket gives users valuable insights into their plugged appliances’ energy usage.This allows them to identify power-hungry appliances that contribute significantly to electricity bills.

Designed for convenience

Socket (type B) Jeweller is presented in two enclosure colors — black or white — and has a compact, symmetrical design that integrates into any space. Its slender profile ensures that neighboring outlets remain accessible, allowing the use of all connectors simultaneously. The smart plug also features a control button for easy manual control, providing a convenient alternative to using the app.

Enhanced electrical protection and reliability

Socket (type B) Jeweller operates within a 92–132 V~ voltage range. In case of under- or overvoltage, the plug automatically interrupts the power supply, preventing potential device damage. Users will get detailed notifications about all the events in the Ajax app.

The plug’s grounding contact adds an extra layer of safety, minimizing the risk of electric shock. Additionally, it offers selectable current protection, with options ranging from 1 A to 15 A, providing appropriate safeguards based on specific appliance requirements. The user can set the current protection in the app within the specified range in 1 A step, the default setting is 15 A. Moreover, the device features temperature protection, automatically shutting off the power supply when temperatures exceed 167 °F (75 °C).

A core electromagnetic relay is built for at least 200,000 switching cycles. The smart plug’s hardware supports output power up to 1.8 kW in resistive load at 120 V, providing the capacity to connect and power even the most demanding appliances securely.

Seamless connectivity and safety technologies

Unlike typical smart devices that connect directly to Wi-Fi networks, Socket (type B) Jeweller communicates with a hub using the Jeweller radio protocol, an Ajax proprietary technology. This difference is important, as relying solely on Wi-Fi can overload the network and lead to communication issues. With multiple smart devices connected via Wi-Fi, the router’s output channel can become overloaded and result in interruptions or compromised performance for other connected devices and systems within the building.

Thanks to Jeweller, the smart plug guarantees steady two-way communication between the hub and the device over a range of up to 3,600 ft (1,100 m). This ensures instant execution of user commands and automation scenarios in any building.

The plug setup is as easy as scanning a QR code, naming the device, and assigning it to a room — all achieved within minutes. Further, the device and its automation scenarios can be configured in the app.

Additionally, the plug supports over-the-air (OTA) updates via the Wings radio protocol. This keeps the plug up to date with the latest enhancements without any hassle or additional costs.

Socket (type B) Jeweller is already available in two colors to order.

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