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How to connect video surveillance to an Ajax system

Combine security system and video surveillance in one app

Quick alarm confirmations

Easy archive navigation

RTSP stream from any camera

AI recognition out of the box

Quick export

Guiding video surveillance to top-tier security

Effortlessly incorporate your cameras with intrusion and automation devices. Ajax cameras can be connected either to an NVR or used as standalone devices. Users also can connect third-party cameras through the SDK with an Ajax hub. In any case, the user experience will be as convenient as possible, and any camera will become part of an Ajax video management system (VMS).

Notification synchronization

The maximum number of NVRs in one system is 14.

High-quality alarm check

Memory cards in Ajax cameras always function as an archive. The maximum number of Ajax cameras to connect is 200.

Standalone third-party cameras require an Ajax hub for connection, transmitting only the RTSP stream without archive access.


Discover Ajax video products

Ajax video products offer uncompromised security and privacy. The high-speed video streaming technology delivers exceptional image quality and smooth video archive navigation. Our video products are NDAA-compliant and seamlessly integrated with the Ajax ecosystem.


Enhanced user experience with Ajax video surveillance

Our proprietary technological solutions and NDAA-compliant hardware provide quick access to high-quality video. Upgrade your security system with Ajax cameras and NVRs and experience cutting-edge video surveillance for enhanced peace of mind.

Synchronizing with intrusion protection devices

Quick archive navigation

User-controlled system

Passwordless authentication is key

Ajax video cameras prioritize security by avoiding default passwords. Passwordless authentication via mTLS ensures that the camera can be connected to one space only.

Cloud–endpoint interactions are authorized using encrypted certificates, eliminating password vulnerabilities. Adding a camera is effortlessly done through the Ajax app, ensuring a smooth and secure installation process.

  • Mutual TLS (mTLS) protocol
  • No passwords to be compromised
  • Streamlined installation
Add camera

Customizable video wall for simultaneous monitoring

Bring all your visual data together in one easy-to-use interface. The Videowall tab combines the latest video segments from IP cameras and MotionCam series detectors, giving a complete view of your surroundings. Customize the layout by moving tiles around as you like. Access the video wall seamlessly on both mobile and desktop apps.

Customizable video wall

Smooth archive search

Accessing archived footage is a breeze. Just click on an event in the notification log, and you’ll be instantly taken to the camera recording at that moment.


Filters by motion or scenario


Quick export options


Calendar view

No more wasting time sifting through endless recordings. The system responds quickly, and the interface is lightning-fast, offering dual streams and instant access to archives.

Know the reason for alarm

System notifications in the app simplify access to specific cameras, allowing users to view incidents easily. This feature enhances the app’s versatility, making it a comprehensive solution for security and video surveillance needs.

Notification synchronization

Set up a scenario where Ajax detectors activate specific cameras, initiating immediate video recording. Configure the video settings for instant reception of high-resolution visual alarm confirmations.

High-quality alarm check

For your eyes only

Only you decide which Ajax users have access to the system and video recorders. And reliable encryption protects your data from hackers.

Enhanced archive security

Restricted visual data access

Strengthened account security

User-controlled system

Rapid and encrypted data transfer
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Rapid and encrypted data transfer

JetSparrow serves as the brain behind the Ajax CCTV system. It is responsible for the entire process of video transmission, storage, and management.

JetSparrow is our proprietary video transmission technology designed for an ultra-fast VMS experience. This innovative streaming technology ensures that exploring the local archive is as seamless as navigating cloud storage. The outcome is a remarkably efficient browsing experience within the archive, with instantaneous initiation of live views and no delays.

Peer-to-peer transmission

TLS encryption

High stability

Connecting third-party cameras to Ajax systems

Cameras can be connected through the SDK. It offers streaming efficiency, low latency, and scalability.

  • Mainstreamed connection through the SDK
  • Live view in the app
  • Video wall integration

No restrictions

Ajax systems support RTSP, a standard protocol in the video surveillance market. It’s used in most personal and professional surveillance cameras and NVRs.


Connect your cameras in just a few taps

Connecting EZVIZ, Hikvision, Safire, Dahua, and Uniview cameras and DVRs to Ajax systems takes less than a minute. No additional configuration needed.

Choose the camera brand and learn how to connect it

1 — Provided the use of an SD card or connection via NVR