Radio signal range extenders

Radio signal range extenders are an effortless way to expand your security. They come in handy when devices connected to the Ajax system locate on different floors, a nearby building, or at a significant distance from the hub. With ReX, the security system has a stable connection with the devices, making protection complete and faultless.

ReX 2

Radio signal range extender supporting photo verification of alarm
Alarm transmission in 0.3 second
Up to 38 hours of operation from backup battery
Communication with the hub at a distance of up to 1,700 m
Photo verification
4,579 UAH
Recommended price
VAT included


Radio signal range extender
Alarm transmission in 0.3 second
Up to 35 hours of operation from backup battery
Communication with the hub at a distance of up to 1,800 m
3,449 UAH
Recommended price
VAT included

Features of Ajax range extenders

Ready to replace the hub in an emergency

Devices connected via range extender form an autonomous group in the system. Even if the hub is damaged or the connection is interrupted, the range extender activates an alarm and turns on the siren to attract attention.
Ready to replace the hub in an emergency

Protected at every level

Range extenders run on OS Malevich, a real-time operating system that also manages Ajax hubs. The operating system ensures their perfect compatibility. OS Malevich is protected from cyberattacks and is resistant to hacking, and all the transmitted data is encrypted. Even in the case of a sudden blackout, range extender stays on guard for up to 38 hours.

Signal repeater in security system

The security system radio signal repeater is a wireless radio channel repeater that increases the range of connected devices to the Ajax security system.

Signal repeaters are used in large premises in order to cover the largest possible area with a security system.

How Ajax Signal Repeaters Work

Signal repeaters in the Ajax security system expand the boundaries of the guarded zone and increase the radio coverage area of the system control panel with sensors, sirens and other alarm devices. Thanks to signal repeaters, it is possible to place security devices in a multi-storey office or business center, a residential building and a detached garage, in a large production or warehouse, and other facilities with a significant distance to the security system central.

There are two types of signal repeaters from Ajax:

  1. ReX is a radio signal repeater in the security system.
  2. ReX 2 is a signal repeater with support of the alarm photo verification.

If you connect 5 wireless signal repeaters from Ajax to the control panel, you can expand the coverage of the territory under the protection of the security system up to 35 km².

The ReX Security Signal Repeater controls connected devices at ranges up to 1800 meters. The number of fixtures does not affect the alarm delivery rate, which is 0.3 seconds.

The alarm control panel performs a repeater health test every 12-300 seconds (depending on settings). If the connection with the control panel is lost, the repeater takes control of the connected security devices and system sensors. If you turn off the external power, the repeater can work up to 35 hours from the built-in backup battery.

Depending on the model of the installed control panel, from 1 to 5 repeaters can be connected to the security system: 1 ReX to Hub, up to 5 repeaters to Hub 2 and Hub Plus. Repeaters are not connected to each other, each of them is connected directly to the system control panel. Connecting, setting up the device and testing it takes place in the Ajax mobile application, after scanning the QR code, on the body of the repeater.

Capabilities of signal repeaters from Ajax

Ajax signal repeaters are responsible for:

  • Protection at all levels

Working on OS Malevich, a real-time operating system that additionally manages Ajax control panels, ensures device compatibility. The Malevich operating system is resistant to hacking and protected from cyber attacks. The information that is transmitted is encrypted.

If the light goes out in the guarded room, the repeater will keep the security system working for up to 38 hours.

The case of the device is protected from opening and damage by the tamper button, with the help of which the repeater instantly informs about the alarm.

  • Normal operation of the security system in a critical situation

If security system devices are connected via a signal repeater, they form an autonomous group. This principle of operation allows you to maintain the alarm, even if the control panel fails. The repeater will send an alarm and turn on the siren to attract attention.

Using signal repeaters from Ajax in practice

Signal repeaters are most often used in warehouses, factories, large areas that need to be protected with a comprehensive security system with a wide field of action, such as areas of the Mironovskaya Poultry Farm, which is part of the MHP Group.

MHP is one of the world leaders in the agricultural market in the field of poultry farming. The main request of the customer required a comprehensive solution for building a security system in conditions of unstable communication, lack of Internet and remoteness from settlements. The key goal was to reduce systemic bird abduction.

Thanks to the implementation of the pilot project and the installation of Ajax equipment, security was optimized at 27 sites of the poultry farm, which allowed the company to eliminate thefts on crews in just 5 months and save about UAH 1.4 million. An important element in the security system of the poultry farm was the use of ReX signal repeaters, which significantly expanded the protected area.

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