Radio signal range extenders

ReX radio signal range extenders are an effortless way to expand your security. They come in handy when devices connected to the Ajax system locate on different floors, a nearby building, or at a significant distance from the hub. With ReX, the security system has a stable connection with the devices, making protection complete and faultless.


Radio signal range extender
Alarm transmission in 0.3 second
Up to 35 hours of operation from backup battery
Communication with the hub at a distance of up to 1,800 m

Features of Ajax range extenders

Ready to replace the hub in an emergency

Devices connected via ReX form an autonomous group in the system. Even if the hub is damaged or the connection is interrupted, the range extender activates an alarm and turns on the siren to attract attention.

Protected at every level

ReX runs on OS Malevich, a real-time operating system that also manages Ajax hubs. The operating system ensures their perfect compatibility. OS Malevich is protected from cyberattacks and is resistant to hacking, and all the transmitted data is encrypted. Even in the case of a sudden blackout, ReX stays on guard for up to 35 hours.

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