Boosts the range of all Ajax security system devices
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Large premises security

Detectors can be placed further away from the hub: in a high-rise office, in a separate garage or in a large production plant. At the same time the connection will be stable, as before.
Increases hub's communication range 2-fold
Alarms communicated in 0.3 seconds
Connects to the system in 2 minutes

Communicates alarms without delay

ReX acts as a reliable link between the hub and Ajax devices. The range extender communicates alarms from the detectors to the hub in 0.3 seconds and instantly sends commands from the control panel to all the system’s devices.
  • Hub + ReX + 99 devices
  • Hub Plus + Rex + 149 devices
  • ReX signal range is up to 1,800 meters

Enhances the security system

After the hub, ReX is the second decision-making center in the security system. Range extender acts as the central unit in the autonomous group of detectors created within the Ajax security system. If the connection with the hub through the radio channel is lost for whatever reason, ReX will assume the role of the control panel: it will receive an alarm signal from the detector and activate the siren.

As smart as Hub

Unlike regular signal repeaters, which only re-broadcast signals, ReX controls the operation of the security system devices. With time, it only gets smarter: the built-in real-time operating system Hub OS Malevich regularly receives updates with new features.
  • ARM processor for solving critical tasks
  • Cargo guaranteed data delivery protocol for synchronization with the hub
  • Replication of system information for immediate response to events
  • Over-the-air firmware updates for new features

Ready to resist intruder attacks

ReX is protected against software and hardware attacks. The range extender withstands various attacks, protects data from interception and forgery, detects initiation of jamming, and continues to operate from battery backup if power supply is interrupted.
  • Functions up to 35 hours after power outage
  • Encrypts incoming and outgoing data
  • Sets off alarm when the device’s integrity is violated

Set up in 2 minutes

ReX connects to the security system with a few taps in the mobile application. Simply choose Ajax detectors and devices that will communicate with the hub via the range extender.
  • QR code for
    simple connection
  • SmartBracket mount for quick set up
  • Mobile application for configuring and testing

Tech specs


Radio channel range extender

Device type


Installation method



Operates only with Hub and Hub Plus

Alarm signal delivery time

0.3 seconds

Maximum connected devices

Hub — up to 99
Hub Plus — up to 149

Operating system
Power supply

Mains supply: 110−240 V
Battery backup: Li-Ion 2 А⋅h
Up to 35 hours of offline operation

Operating temperature range

From −10°С to +40°С

Permissible humidity

Up to 75%


Protection against fraud
Jamming detection


163×163×36 mm


330 g


Within 24 months from the date of sale

Complete set

ReX smart range extender
Installation kit

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