Tech specs

LineSupply (45 W) Fibra

Module for additional power supply with 45 W power and one output Fibra line

LineSupply (45 W) Fibra

Devices compatibility

Devices compatibility


Fibra communication technology

Proprietary wired communication technology combines the reliability of wires with the freedom of radio connection.

Key features:

  • Two-way communication.
  • Advanced anti-sabotage.
  • Block encryption featuring a dynamic key.
  • Instant notifications.
  • Remote configuration in the Ajax apps.

Line connection

4-core cable


to any point of the Fibra line

LineSupply (45 W) can be installed after a hub, detector, keypad, siren, or another LineSupply. The module provides additional power to Fibra devices installed between the LineSupply (45 W) and the end of the line.

Wired connection range

  • between the module and the hub — up to 6,500 ft;
  • between the module and the last Fibra device on the line — up to 6,500 ft.

The maximum line length is relevant when using the U/UTP cat.5 twisted pair.

Encrypted communication

All stored and transmitted data are protected by block encryption featuring a dynamic key.

Line connection

Number of input lines


LineSupply (45 W) can be connected after any Fibra device.

Number of output lines


Fibra devices with a total power consumption of up to 30 W can be connected to the output line.

Cable length

up to 6,500 ft

For the output line between the module and the last Fibra device on the line when using U/UTP cat.5 twisted pair.

Galvanic isolation

Ensures that devices connected between the LineSupply (45 W) and the end of the line do not consume power from the hub.

Power supply


100–240 V~, 50/60 Hz


12 V⎓ battery with a capacity from 7 to 18 Ah

Not included. When the main power is available, the backup battery is charged from the mains.

Power output

  • of the output line — 30 W;
  • to charge the backup battery — 15 W.


Power supply 100–240 V~.

The device is designed for indoor use only. Installation in Case C (260) or Case D (430) is recommended. The casing is sold separately.

Sabotage protection

Tamper alarm

LineSupply (45 W) has a connector to fasten the tamper board to the module. The tamper board is in Case that is sold separately.

Protection against short circuit on the line

Protection against overvoltage

on the Fibra signal lines

The module protects devices when voltage is applied to the signal terminals A, B.

Protection against spoofing

device authentication

Communication loss detection

after 36 s

Between the hub and LineSupply (45 W). It can be changed in hub settings.



6.3" × 3.35" × 2.09"


16.05 oz

Operating temperature range

from 14 °F to 104 °F

Operating humidity

up to 75%

Electric shock protection

Class III




Complete set

LineSupply (45 W) Fibra

Power supply cable

Battery connection cable

Terminal adapter — 2 pcs.

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