Tech specs

WaterStop 1" (DN 25) Jeweller

Wireless remotely controlled water shutoff valve

WaterStop 1" (DN 25) Jeweller


Jeweller communication technology

Proprietary wireless technology for events transmission.
  • Two-way communication.
  • Protection against device spoofing.
  • Block encryption featuring a floating key.
  • Instant notifications.
  • Remote configuration via Ajax apps.

Radio frequency bands

866.0 – 866.5 MHz
868.0 – 868.6 MHz
868.7 – 869.2 MHz
905.0 – 926.5 MHz
915.85 – 926.5 MHz
921.0 – 922.0 MHz
Depends on the region of sale.

Maximum effective radiated power (ERP)

up to 20 mW
Automatic power adjustment to reduce power consumption and the effect of radio interference.

Radio signal modulation


Radio communication range

up to 3,600 ft
Between device and hub (or radio signal range extender) without obstacles.

Radio signal encryption

Block encryption with a floating key protects all the data stored and transmitted.

Frequency hopping

Prevents radio interference and jamming.

Operating components

Shutoff valve

½" (DN 15), ¾" (DN 20), or 1" (DN 25) RuB valve included in complete set.

Electric actuator

Opens or closes the valve.

Mounting platform

To install an electric actuator on a shutoff valve.

Mounting lockers

To fix an electric actuator on a shutoff valve.
The complete set includes two options:
  • standard (pre-installed)
  • anti-sabotage

Water shut-off

shutoff valve

Fields of application

water supply and heating systems

Operating fluid

hot and cold water, non-aggressive liquids



Connection type and thread

NPT taper (ANSI B.1.20.1), female-to-female threads
Thread size:
  • ½" (DN 15, 15 mm)
  • ¾" (DN 20, 20 mm)
  • 1" (DN 25, 25 mm)

Operating liquid temperature range

from –4 °F to 350 °F
Freezing of the fluid in the pipeline may severely damage the valve and electric actuator.

Mounting platform

to mount an electric actuator on a shutoff valve
Complies with the ISO 5211 standard.

Lever on mounting platform

To manually shut off the water supply without tools in case of emergencies.

Water shut-off

electric actuator


up to 8.5 N•m

Operating pressure

up to 145 psi

Shut-off speed

up to 7 seconds
The value may increase if the valve is clogged or stuck.

Remote control

control and configuration in Ajax apps
Apps provide all information about the device: current valve state (open/closed), statuses of battery charge, external power supply, and communication with a hub.

Manual control

the control button on the electric actuator enclosure
Opens/closes the valve when pressed.

Additional features


  • does not require tools and enclosure disassembling
  • 4 possible mounting positions of electric actuator towards the valve
  • anti-sabotage locker to complicate unauthorized dismount of an electric actuator
The design allows maintenance, and repair in hard-to-reach places: pipe tunnels, technical boxes, walls, etc. It is possible to replace the actuator unit without dismantling the shutoff valve.

LED indication

The LED placed under an Ajax logo on enclosure and reports the electric actuator states.

Automation scenarios

  • alarm reactions
  • security mode change reactions
  • scheduled actions
  • temperature scenarios
  • humidity scenarios
  • CO2 level scenarios
  • by pressing Button
  • by pressing LightSwitch

Stuck prevention

the scheduled scenario automatically opens/closes a shutoff valve
Configured in Ajax apps. The recommended periodicity is once a week.

Overheating notification

The notification is sent to Ajax apps when the device temperature tops 140 °F and when it returns to normal.


The device is designed for indoor use only. Contact a plumber to install the shutoff valve.

Anti-sabotage protection

Protection against spoofing

device authentication

Communication failure detection

in 36 s
The time depends on the Jeweller (or Jeweller/Fibra) settings.

Tampering alarm

Notifies about attempts to detach the enclosure from the mount.

Mounting lockers for fastening

The complete set includes two options:
  • Standard locker (pre-installed) — fixes an electric actuator on a shutoff valve. Removes easily for a quick access to the valve.
  • Anti-sabotage locker — used instead of a standard locker. Securely fixes an electric actuator on the valve to complicate an unauthorized dismount.

Power supply

Pre-installed batteries

4 × CR123A battery
Up to 3 years of battery life.

Optional external power supply

7.5–14 V⎓, from 1.8 A
The recommended voltage of the power supply is 9 or 12 V⎓.The batteries serve as a backup when external power supply is connected. Use a round 2 × AWG22 cable with an external diameter of 3.0–3.7 mm to connect an external power supply.



4.09″ × 5.51″ × 2.76″
½" (DN 15) shutoff valve with an electric actuator.
4.09″ × 5.91″ × 2.76″
¾" (DN 20) shutoff valve with an electric actuator.
4.11″ × 6.26″ × 2.76″
1" (DN 25) shutoff valve with an electric actuator.
3.66″ × 2.76″ × 3.74″
Electric actuator.
2.95″ × 1.06″
½" (DN 15) shutoff valve.
3.15″ × 1.26″
¾" (DN 20) shutoff valve.
3.54″ × 1.61″
1" (DN 25) shutoff valve.


30.65 oz
½" (DN 15) shutoff valve with an electric actuator.
35.7 oz
¾" (DN 20) shutoff valve with an electric actuator.
47.13 oz
1" (DN 25) shutoff valve with an electric actuator.
18.9 oz
Electric actuator.
11.75 oz
½" (DN 15) shutoff valve.
16.79 oz
¾" (DN 20) shutoff valve.
28.22 oz
1" (DN 25) shutoff valve.

Operating temperature range

from 32 °F to 140 °F

Operating humidity

up to 95%



Complete set

WaterStop Jeweller
4 CR123A batteries
DN15 (½”), DN20 (¾”), or DN25 (1") RuB valve
Depends on the selected kit
2 lockers for securing the electric actuator
Sealing nut
Quick start guide

Additional information

Compliance with standards


24 months

User manual