Ajax is integrated with the CAMS monitoring software

Ajax is integrated with the CAMS monitoring software

Ajax Systems makes another step to international expansion. With Ajax devices, Australian and New Zealand security professionals can also expand their market footprint.

A presence in Australia and throughout the Pacific region is essential to Ajax Systems’ development. The CAMS users now have access to photo verification and other features. Security companies will not waste time on false alarms. The integration with CAMS will help us and our partners strengthen our leading market position.

Konstantin Karnaukh

Product Manager, Ajax Systems

CAMS is a common software in the Australian and New Zealand market. CAMS users can now receive instant notifications from Ajax devices and photo verification of alarms from the MotionCam and MotionCam Outdoor detectors. These features allow to minimize unnecessary patrol dispatches.

The integration has become possible with the help of our distributor NAS Australia and partner Suretek.

I am excited about the Ajax integration with our CAMS platform. Many other manufacturers offer similar systems. But with its features, technology, and product line, an Ajax system stands out from the rest.

This integration opens high-level opportunities for our customers. Ajax Translator allows CAMS users to utilize an Ajax system to its full potential. And CAMS provides Ajax customers with the best security services

Glenn Smith

Managing Director, Suretek

How it works

Ajax devices are connected to the CAMS monitoring platform via Ajax Translator. Ajax Translator receives messages generated by configured Ajax hubs. Messages are decrypted and converted into standardized protocol formats and transferred directly to CAMS.

This connection supports not only alarm event codes, but also photo verifications and the coordinates of users when they press the in-app Ajax panic button.

This integration allows customers to use 100% of the Ajax systems’ capabilities with Ajax Translator (1.14.4 and higher) and CAMS (9.2.3 and higher).

About CAMS

CAMS (Complete Asset Monitoring System) is a monitoring software popular in Australia and New Zealand.

Over the years, Suretek, the creator of CAMS, has earned credibility and recognition and has become the choice of more than 400 monitoring centers worldwide.

What makes CAMS unique is its user-friendly app. For instance, all photos from MotionCam are opened in a new window and are shaped into an animation if required. In 0.15 seconds, operators get informative messages about alarms and all the data for the needed reaction.

Fill out the form if you want to integrate photo verification or transmission of the in-app panic button coordinates with your CMS.

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