In today’s fast-paced security environment, solutions that are quick, intuitive, and adaptable are paramount. This is where Ajax Systems shines.

We are proud to introduce KeyArm Zone — a specialized input type designed to bridge the gap between Ajax Systems and third-party control devices that might not be natively compatible with our Jeweller and Fibra protocols. Such third-party devices can include access controllers, mechanical key switches, push-button switches, radio controllers, telephone relays, and more.

Within the system, KeyArm functions as a setting that enables external control and management of the system or group’s arming status.

You can assign the KeyArm type to either Transmitter or MultiTransmitter input. This feature is available in both mobile apps (iOS, Android) and in PRO Desktop.

ajax keyarm zone

How it works

Switching between hub states is simplified with the use of third-party devices through KeyArm. You can use both Bistable and Pulse modes for optimal flexibility. Upon adding KeyArm to the system, notifications are sent out. Additionally, be promptly informed of any changes to the system or group state made using KeyArm.

Key features

  • Different KeyArm type settings: Choose from options such as “Arm only,” “Disarm only” commands, and “Arm/Disarm” toggling. Pair these settings with either bistable or impulse input types.
  • Flexible system control: Manage the entire system or specific groups.
  • Highest system security: Benefit from advanced features like system integrity checks and prevention of tampered disarming.
  • Outstanding performance with multiple KeyArm inputs: Depending on the hub in use, choose from 25 or 9 KeyArm inputs, compatible with either 2 or 3 EOL connections.

Compatible devices

ajax multitransmitter keyarm zone ajax multitransmitter keyarm zone

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MultiTransmitter Fibra

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ajax transmitter keyarm zone ajax transmitter keyarm zone

Transmitter Jeweller

Module for integrating a third-party wired detector or device into the Ajax security system

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Transmitter Fibra

Module for integrating one third-party wired detector into an Ajax system

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