LightSwitch Jeweller product series is expanded with 2-gang 2-way and crossover models

LightSwitch Jeweller product series is expanded with 2-gang 2-way and crossover models

Ajax smart switches are devices that combine the reliability of professional security systems with a well-thought-out user experience and extensive automation capabilities. The latest additions to the LightSwitch Jeweller series expand the existing range of switches, offering users even more options for lighting control:

  • LightSwitch (2-gang/2-way) Jeweller makes it possible to control the same light source from two different locations, such as the top and bottom of a stairway, either end of a long hallway, or multiple doorways of a large room.
  • LightSwitch (Crossover) Jeweller expands 2-way switch capabilities with additional lighting control points. Crossover switches are installed between two 2-way switches, allowing control of the same light source from three or more different locations. This solution provides flexible lighting control in large offices, production facilities, or private homes.

Upgrade your space with a tech-forward design

LightSwitch is a prefabricated device, with each component available for separate purchase: LightCore, Frame, and a colored touch-sensitive panel. Components are easily installed by attaching to each other.


Button panel


Contains electronics and a relay that control power to the lighting device

A colored touch-sensitive front panel of the switch

A plastic frame for side-by-side installation of 2 to 5 devices horizontally or vertically

Button panel

In interior design, color plays a significant role, so LightSwitch can be of different colors. There’s no need to worry about matching wall colors after renovation: changing the front panel takes seconds.

You can choose from eight colors: white, fog, grey, graphite, ivory, oyster, olive, or black.

You can also use smart outlets with LightSwitch smart light switches1. They have the same design and color options, and you can install them together in one frame.

Lightswitch and outlet

Switches and outlets configurator

Assemble a custom set of Ajax switches and outlets

Designed for any interior

The transparent frame features up to five seats, and the frame is filled with LightCore relays and colored touch-sensitive front panels according to interior design. Therefore, switches can be easily adapted to modern interiors in both residential and commercial spaces. They can serve as an accent element or be installed without drawing attention.

Designed for any interior

User experience is king

LightSwitch is meticulously designed with the user in mind. Our developers invested ample time to ensure that the switch responds promptly to any touch — light or firm — anywhere on the touch surface. Moreover, a simple gesture like placing your hand, elbow, or knee near LightSwitch is all it takes to activate it.

Manual control
The entire panel is touch-sensitive and responds even to the approach of a hand at a distance of 15 mm.

Lighting control in a pocket

Control lights effortlessly with an Ajax app — the control screen is always at your fingertips. Even when you’re thousands of kilometers away from home, rest assured that you can turn off the lights remotely. The user knows everything that happens on site from instant notifications.

The software also synchronizes 2-way switches. The first one “knows” that the second one turned off the light, so the switch state is instantly visible in the app. Plus, you can eliminate worries about excessive electricity consumption by setting the lights to automatically turn off after a specified period of time.

LightSwitch activates various Ajax automation devices: WaterStop Jeweller, Relay Jeweller, WallSwitch Jeweller, Socket Jeweller, and Outlet Jeweller. The scenarios are practically endless. Turn off the lights at bedtime and close the blinds automatically. Turn on the lights upon arrival and start the humidifier. Power down office lights, and they’ll switch on if an alarm triggers. Or simply set a schedule.


LightSwitch can turn on the light in response to an alarm. The light will deter intruders and significantly reduce the risk of system sabotage.

Installation with ease

The mounting box doesn’t require any cable routing. LightSwitch operates without a neutral wire. It supports lamps from 5 to 600 W. Installation by an electrician takes 5–10 minutes. It can cover vast areas, spanning hundreds of square meters.

Installation with ease

Security technologies serving the light

An Ajax system doesn’t rely on popular technologies like Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, ZigBee, or Bluetooth. Instead, it uses secure two-way radio communication with the Jeweller protocol. Each session with the hub features block cipher encryption and device authentication.

LightSwitch capabilities are managed by the hub, which communicates within a range of up to 1,100 m. The hub can be connected to four internet providers simultaneously via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or two 2G/3G/LTE cellular networks ready for backup2. Automation scenarios are executed on the hub level, so they will keep running even without a connection with the server.

Security technologies

The new switches offer expanded user possibilities and added convenience in lighting control. With their wide options, LightSwitch Jeweller models are the most practical solution for modern interiors, facilitating intuitive interaction with lighting and other devices.

Learn more about new LightSwitch Jeweller models:

LightSwitch (2-gang/2-way) Jeweller:
LightSwitch (Crossover) Jeweller:

Ajax smart outlets are available for horizontal installation only.


The number of available communication channels depends on the hub model.

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