LightSwitch Jeweller: new vertical components release

 LightSwitch Jeweller: new vertical components release

The Ajax Systems’ portfolio includes smart switches and outlets that can be installed separately or in a row. They combine the reliability of professional security systems with a well-thought-out user experience and extensive automation capabilities. We are thrilled to announce new vertical components for LightSwitch Jeweller smart switches.

Design adaptability: vertical installation innovation

LightSwitch is a prefabricated device with three components: LightCore, Frame, and a colored touch-sensitive panel. Now, all components for all LightSwitch Jeweller models are available for both vertical and horizontal positioning, so there are more options for installing the devices. No limitations to just one specific way it has to be set up.


Button panel


Contains electronics and a relay that control power to the lighting device

A colored touch-sensitive front panel of the switch

A plastic frame for side-by-side installation of 2 to 5 devices horizontally or vertically

button panel

In interior design, color plays a significant role, so LightSwitch can be of different colors. Choose from any of the eight available options: white, fog, grey, graphite, ivory, oyster, olive, or black. There’s no need to worry about matching wall colors after renovation: changing the front panel takes seconds.

LightSwitch front panels come in white, fog, grey, graphite, ivory, oyster, olive, or black.
LightSwitch front panels come in white, fog, grey, graphite, ivory, oyster, olive, or black.

Smart outlets can also be used in combination with LightSwitch smart light switches¹. These devices share the same design and color shades and can be installed in the same frame.

Switches and outlets configurator

Assemble a custom set of Ajax switches and outlets

Designed for any interior

The transparent frame features up to 5 seats, and the frame is filled with LightCore relays and colored touch-sensitive front panels according to interior design. Therefore, switches can be easily adapted to modern interiors in both residential and commercial spaces. They can serve as an accent element or be installed without drawing attention.


User experience is king

LightSwitch is designed with the user in mind. Just bring your hand, elbow, or knee to the switch, and it will respond. The sensor is super sensitive but not susceptible to electromagnetic interference. LightSwitch’s mechanical feedback and the sound of a click evoke positive emotions, and the user clearly understands that the tap has happened. The soft LED backlight does not blind users but rather helps them use the switch at night.

The entire panel is touch-sensitive and responds even to the approach of a hand at a distance of 15 mm.

Lighting control in a pocket

A smartphone with an Ajax app becomes the ultimate remote control for lighting. Users can switch off the lights on the go or switch on the lights when lying on a couch. Not to mention a simple timer, set the light to turn off automatically after the selected period (from 1 second to 2 hours).

And Ajax automation scenarios take lighting to another level. LightSwitch can activate any Ajax automation device: WaterStop Jeweller, Relay Jeweller, WallSwitch Jeweller, Socket Jeweller, and Outlet Jeweller. In other words, the variety of applications is unlimited. Switch off the lights when going to bed and automatically close the blinds. Switch on the lights when coming home and automatically launch the humidifier. Switch off all the lights when leaving the office, and they will automatically switch on if an intrusion alarm goes off. Or just set up a schedule.

lighting control

Lighting the premises in the event of a fire simplifies evacuation and allows localizing the flame early, avoiding significant damage.

Installation with ease

There is no need to lay wires in the mounting box. LightSwitch doesn’t even need a neutral wire. The device supports a wide range of lamp wattage — from 5 to 600 W. It takes an electrician 5–10 minutes to install a new switch or replace an existing one. And the coverage area can easily span hundreds of square meters.


Security technologies serving the light

Reliance is not placed on popular technologies such as Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, ZigBee, or Bluetooth. Instead, an Ajax system uses reliable two-way secure radio communication based on the Jeweller proprietary protocol. It provides block cipher encryption and device authentication at each communication session with the hub to prevent sabotage, spoofing, or data theft.

LightSwitch capabilities are provided by the hub — the brain of the Ajax system. The radio communication range with the hub is up to 1,100 m. The hub can be connected to four internet providers simultaneously via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or two 2G/3G/LTE cellular networks2 ready for backup. Automatic switching between channels takes seconds. Automation scenarios are executed on the hub level, so they will keep running even without a connection with the server.

security technologies

We are constantly working to improve our products. The new vertical components of LightSwitch Jeweller smart switches are direct proof of this, with user-oriented design, technological excellence, and easy integration into the space you need.

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Ajax smart outlets are available for horizontal installation only.


The number of available communication channels depends on the hub model.