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Relay Jeweller

Relay Jeweller

Dry contact relay to control 12-24 V⎓ power supply remotely
1,209 UAH
VAT included

The impulse for smart security

Flood-prevention system

Flood-prevention system

Set the automatic water shut off in case the washing machine breaks or a pipe bursts. Control the water supply at the facility remotely or set up a schedule.
Automatic gates / barrier

Automatic gates / barrier

Control opening-closing via the app or using Button. No compromises in comfort and safety.
Electric lock

Electric lock

Lock or unlock doors with the app or Button. Block access to premises by alarm or Night Mode activation and sleep calmly.
Security smoke cannon

Security smoke cannon

Set up the smoke cannon triggered by any detector alarm or DoubleButton hold-up device activation. Such a system reliably shelters people and valuables from burglars.
Roller blinds / motorized curtains

Roller blinds / motorized curtains

Control the equipment remotely through the app, via Button, or set a scenario: when changing the security mode, according to the time of day, or by alarm activation.
ACS blocking

ACS blocking

Set up Access Control System (ACS) reader blocking when arming the system to prevent employee access to the guarded premises and avoid false alarms.

Flexibility at the core

Settings versatility and low power consumption make Relay a universal tool for equipment control. Dry contact is not galvanically connected to the device power supply so that it can be used both in low-voltage and household networks. There are bistable and pulse modes. The relay can be easily connected to a power supply unit paired with a backup battery.
  • Pulse 1–255 seconds
  • Power supply 7–24 V⎓
  • Dry contact

No extra effort

Connecting Relay to the hub takes less than a minute — it's enough to scan a QR code with the Ajax app. The miniature device (39×33×18 mm) fits easily into a junction box, an electrical panel, or a switching unit body with DIN Holder. And the flexible external antenna provides stable connectivity.

DIN Holder

Bracket to fix Relay or WallSwitch on DIN rail
219 UAH
Recommended price
VAT included
Din Holder

Always in touch

We developed the Jeweller radio protocol to ensure uninterrupted interaction of all security system devices. The radio protocol uses frames to synchronize device communication, authentication to prevent forgery, and encryption to protect against hacking.
  • Two-way communication at a distance of up to 1000 meters
  • 5 radio signal range extenders in the system
  • Command delivery in
    0.15 s
  • Adjustable ping from
    12 s

Smart security for home and business

Use automation scenarios so your security system not only reports threats but also actively counters them.
  • Water
  • LeaksProtect
  • Relay
  • Electrovalve
  • Schedule
  • Relay
  • Electrovalve
  • Arming
  • Relay
  • Electric lock
  • Schedule
  • Relay
  • Roller shutters
  • Schedule
  • Relay
  • Heating


Power relay to control 110/230 V~ power supply remotely
1,209 UAH
Recommended price
VAT included
Professional installation

Professional installation

Qualified engineers guarantee the quality installation of devices and disclosure of all the features of your security system. Contact a certified Ajax partner for help.

Tech specs

Radio channel relay unit
Device type
Installation method
Into electric switchboard, junction box
Operates with all Ajax hubs and range extenders
Actuating element
Electromagnetic relay
Relay service life
200,000 switch-ons
Voltage protection
Max — 36.5 V⎓, min — 6.5 V⎓
Maximum load current
5A at 24 V⎓, 13A at 230V~
Maximum current protection
Maximum temperature protection
> 65°C at the place of installation
Electric power meter function
Energy consumption parameter check
Power supply
7–24 V⎓ (DC only)
Operation modes
Contact state
Normally open
Normally closed
Adjustable pulse duration
1–255 sec
Jeweller radio technology
Communication range with central unit — up to 1,000 m in an open space
Two-way communication between devices

Radio frequency bands:
866.0 – 866.5 MHz
868.0 – 868.6 MHz
868.7 – 869.2 MHz
905.0 – 926.5 MHz
915.85 – 926.5 MHz
921.0 – 922.0 MHz
(depends on the region of sale)

Self-adjusting RF output power — up to 20 mW
Block encryption based on AES algorithm
Device scanning period — 12–300 s

Learn more about Jeweller
Operating temperature range
From –20°С to +64°С
Permissible humidity
Up to 85%
Protection class of body
Protection against fraud
Jamming detection
Remote setting and testing
39 × 33 × 18 mm
25 g
Replacement and repair within 24 months of the date of sale.
Complete set
Installation kit
Quick Start Guide

Choose the most suitable Ajax set in 2 minutes

Tell us what you need to protect and we will put together a set of detectors and devices for your premises.

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Relays for security system

Working processes of modern electrical equipment, engineering equipment, and household appliances provide extensive opportunities for alarm control. The means of implementing automation of security systems can be various, but the basis of the technical base is formed by the relay. An alarm relay is a device with a winding designed to close and open an electrical circuit. This principle is controlled in the most straightforward systems, but the segment is evolving, and more often, coming to market devices of this type, focused on use in certain areas.

The principle of operation of the relay for the security system

The relay design is simple and contains an anchor, electromagnets and connecting fittings with conductors. The armature is contacted when current flows to the magnets, leading to a short circuit. A spring controls the current strength and converts it into mechanical action. The spring directly connects to the armature and regulates the degree of pressure on the contacts. That is, depending on the characteristics of the current — changes in the operating state of the device, as well as control of the target equipment. For example, electromagnetic relay control devices control pump units, boilers and other engineering systems by turning their power components on or off. Additional elements such as resistors are provided for the accurate fixation of circuit signals. And the risk of damaging sensitive devices due to voltage spikes is minimized by using capacitors.

Why the relay is installed

The safety system relay is used as a protection regulator when specific operating parameters of the alarm system can negatively affect the condition of the equipment. The protective function in security devices is essential and is provided in almost all types of relays. But in modern variations, there are other tasks due to the need to increase the autonomy of management. Types of relays and areas of their application are divided into the following:
  1. Evaluation of the river water in pools, reservoirs, flasks, etc.
  2. Control of working parameters, medium water content and temperature.
  3. The automation of the possession is based on the indications of the detectors.
  4. Providing the data about the cost of energy resources.
The set of functions and the ability to use them to lie down is recognized as a central system and the installation of signalling devices.

How to choose a relay device for alarm

The basic principle of choosing a relay device is to determine the operating ranges of equipment correctly. These can be temperature, current strengths, voltage spectra or height measurement levels. Then you should find the best way to convey information. The usual relays focus on the minimum list of control information and do not give a clear vision of the workflow. The latest models can display information about the device through displays of various sizes and shapes. Ergonomic models have control panels with programmable modules and detectors.

Low current relay for remote control of Ajax Relay equipment

The Ajax Relay signal automation device gives its users the freedom to set up low-current devices remotely.

Assignment of the relay for the Ajax Relay alarm system

The relay is designed to close and open contacts at the owner's request of the burglar alarm — commands are transmitted via the Ajax mobile application. It is possible to set the device to turn on or off automatically, depending on the status of the alarm mode. Thanks to the compact case (38x25x18 mm), the device is placed in an electric board or a mounting box.

Safety relay operation modes

For the convenience of the user of the safety system, there are two modes of relay operation and different states of contact. At the same time, their combination is allowed:
  1. Pulse — closing or opening contacts is carried out for less than 15 seconds. The security user sets the time in the Ajax application, and the reverse action is performed automatically;
  2. bistable — works by analogy with the switch.

Device protection

To ensure the efficiency and durability of the relay, the device is protected against surges and overheating. Protection is activated constantly. It is impossible to deactivate it. If the temperature in the relay mounting location exceeds 65°C or the temperature inside the device reaches 85°C, the contacts open, and the user receives a fault message. When the temperature returns to normal, the relay resumes operation by sending a message. There are two thresholds for the supply voltage: 6.5V and 36.5V. If the power is more or less — the protection is activated, which will turn off the relay, and the security system user will receive a warning message. When the values ​​return to normal, the device will turn on again, sending a notification.

Using Relay in Security

Using Relay in the security system eliminates daily routines. The device from the relay can be responsible for the automation of the following types:
  • Control of curtains and blinds. Opening and closing are automatic. For example, when leaving the house.
  • Solenoid valves. With their help, you can remotely cut off the supply of gas or water, which is essential in the absence of owners in the room during the accident. They can also automatically turn off communications.
  • Opening and closing gates and barriers. You should press the appropriate button in the Ajax mobile application to open. A password or fingerprint blocks access to the program, so no one but the user will be able to access it.
  • Routers, modems. When connected via a relay to security devices, you can reboot the router from a mobile phone. The alarm control panel continues to work via the GSM channel. When the router is turned on, it will connect to the network automatically.
  • Electric locks. When the alarm is set to guard, they close, and when it is deactivated, they open. The user can check the condition of the electric locks at any time.

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