Release: Case D (430) now available for order

Release: Case D (430) now available for order

Ajax Systems is thrilled to announce the release of a new product, Case D (430). This casing is designed for the secure wired connection of Ajax devices. From now on, the product is available for distribution.

Case D (430) is a casing that can accommodate up to eight Ajax modules. Case-compatible devices include: LineSplit, LineProtect, MultiRelay, and batteries with a capacity of 7–18 Ah. But that’s not all. The rest of the compatible devices will be announced at Ajax Special Event.

The casing is equipped with fasteners to secure the devices. Additionally, the mounting box has a tamper module and cable ducts. Durable latches and anti-falling screws ensure quick and reliable fastening. Route cables and attach devices in the simplest way possible.

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Upgrade your system to the next level with enhanced capabilities, improved performance, and seamless integration.

Key features:

  • Case D (430) can accommodate up to eight Ajax modules;
  • Pre-installed tamper to detect the lid opening and alert if the casing is detached from the surface;
  • Mounting holes at various angles with a pre-installed spirit level to set the casing horizontally;
  • Perforated zones and fasteners for easy cable routing and management;
  • Multiple uses — even after dismantling and changing device configuration;
  • Devices can be fixed in two positions — errors are excluded;
  • All mounts are included — PROs do not need additional mounts at the facility.

Learn more about Case D (430):

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