The FireProtect 2 series continues to grow. We introduce six new models featuring heat sensor, CO sensor or a combination of both:

FireProtect 2 RB (Heat / CO) Jeweller Fire detector with heat and CO sensors featuring replaceable batteries
FireProtect 2 SB (Heat / CO) Jeweller Fire detector with heat and CO sensors featuring sealed batteries
FireProtect 2 RB (Heat) Jeweller Fire detector with heat sensor featuring replaceable batteries
FireProtect 2 SB (Heat) Jeweller Fire detector with heat sensor featuring sealed batteries
FireProtect 2 RB (CO) Jeweller Fire detector with CO sensor featuring replaceable batteries
FireProtect 2 SB (CO) Jeweller Fire detector with CO sensor featuring sealed batteries

Detectors comply with EN 54-5:2017+A1:2018 and EN 50291-1:2018 regulations. New products are ready to cover every market need, offering more options for installers worldwide.

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Against invisible threats

New FireProtect 2 detectors feature two A1R-class thermistors to detect heat alarms and a built-in chemical CO sensor to react to a dangerous carbon monoxide (CO) level in the air. Thermistors give a significant advantage in detecting a rapid temperature rise when synthetic materials burn or a fire starts from smoldering. The CO sensor is responsive even to low concentrations and warns about danger at the level of 50 ppm before even the first signs of poisoning occur. Each detector is also equipped with a powerful 85 dB siren. It alerts about fire threats using impossible-to-ignore tones with different patterns for each alarm or event, so it’s easy to recognize the type of alarm and react accordingly.

New models have different sensor sets: only heat, only CO, or a combination of both sensors. For convenience, the set of sensors inside the detector is marked in its name:

  • FireProtect 2 (Heat) — fire detector with heat sensor only
  • FireProtect 2 (CO) — fire detector with CO sensor only
  • FireProtect 2 (Heat/CO) — fire detector with both heat and CO sensors

Also, the latest release will include versions with replaceable batteries (marked as RB), giving up to 7 years of operation, and sealed batteries (marked SB) as well, providing 10 years of battery lifespan.

The main difference between new models and detectors from the first release is the smoke chamber’s absence and smaller enclosure.

FireProtect 2 features in a minute

Unique technologies saving lives

FireProtect 2 detectors use proven-by-time Ajax technologies. The Jeweller radio protocol establishes communication with a hub at a distance of up to 1,700 m without a range extender and twice as much with it. The protocol supports encryption and device authentication on every communication session with a hub to prevent sabotage, spoofing, or data theft. Alarms are immediately transmitted to the security company and all users.

All FireProtect 2 detectors can synchronously notify about the fire. As soon as one of them detects a threat, it only takes 20 seconds for the sirens of other fire detectors at the facility to activate, which is three times faster than the standard requires. If the fire occurs at night, it can wake up even a deep sleeper. So there is no chance of missing a fire alarm.

Interconnected fire alarm in 20 seconds

Ajax Systems brings the best user experience in the fire safety industry with apps: all detector information is available in real time from anywhere the Internet is available, on a smartphone or PC. The system instantly notifies users about alarms with critical alerts from Ajax apps and via SMS and calls. As a part of the Ajax ecosystem, fire detectors can interact with automation devices and PhOD detectors of the MotionCam series (both wired and wireless). A fire alarm can trigger scenarios that de-energize the possible source of the alarm, unlock emergency exits, and activate emergency lights. At the same time, MotionCam (PhOD) sends pictures into Ajax apps to identify the cause of the alarm.

Improved enclosure

New fire detectors inherited Ajax signature features and received few salient improvements. As before, there is no need to disassemble the enclosure during installation. An upgraded SmartBracket mounting panel has a 90-degree rotation angle, so an installer can effortlessly fix the detector and level it after mounting.

SmartBracket panel with an adjustable rotation angle

Moreover, the Test/Mute button became large and mechanical. For example, to mute a fire alarm, users can quickly press on the detector front panel with any suitable item, either a hand or a mop handle.

Each detector is protected by two tampers, so detaching it from the surface or dismantling its front panel never goes unnoticed. FireProtect 2 also features three LEDs that indicate an alarm, a malfunction, and the regular operation of the detector.

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