Ajax Systems proudly presents the product that seamlessly merges security and smart home devices’ management. Take charge of smart home security easily and confidently using KeyPad TouchScreen, now available for distribution.

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This solution boasts an intuitive Ajax app-like interface, big touch IPS display, and top-of-the-line security features, including DESFire® and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technologies.

One of the main advantages of KeyPad TouchScreen is its easy security group management. Users can view and control multiple security groups with just one touch, making arming and disarming various sections of their property effortless. The device also supports sound notifications for alarms, delays, and door openings, providing users with instant updates on their system’s status.

ajax keypad touchscreen

The device’s robust security features, such as duress code, protection against code guessing and unauthorized access devices, tamper alarms, data encryption, and protection against spoofing, ensure that only authorized users can access the system. With the capability to use smartphones, Pass cards, Tag key fobs, and personal access codes, KeyPad TouchScreen offers three convenient authentication methods.

Key features:

  • 5-inch display with black and white themes and automatic brightness adjustment
  • Proximity sensor for automatic keypad activation when a hand approaches
  • Control tab for automation devices, with the capacity for up to 6 buttons
  • Buzzer, receiving notifications about alarms, door openings, entry/exit delays, and other events
  • Adjustable panic buttons to notify about an alarm, fire, or auxiliary event

KeyPad TouchScreen offers versatile power supply options, allowing it to operate for up to 1.5 years using pre-installed batteries or from a 12 V⎓ power supply with batteries as a backup. Its wireless technologies, Jeweller and Wings, ensure reliable and encrypted two-way radio communication with the Ajax hub, providing a communication range of up to 1,700 meters. Even more, the new keypad will always be up-to-date with automated over-the-air firmware updates.

Compatible hubs: Hub 2, Hub 2 Plus, Hub Hybrid

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