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Hub 2 Plus Jeweller

Hub 2 Plus Jeweller

Security system control panel
10,899 UAH
VAT included
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Always in touch — via cables, Wi-Fi, LTE

Communication with the outer world is critical for alarm control panels. Its reliability guarantees prompt delivery of alarm signals to Alarm Receiving Center and system users.

Hub 2 Plus makes external communication stability absolute. It has 4 communication channels and supports LTE. Such configuration allows you to connect the device to two separate Internet providers over Ethernet and Wi-Fi while having two cellular services ready for back up. Switching between channels happens seamlessly in seconds.

Alarm verification with photo in 9 seconds

Photo verification is the future of the security industry. This technology is an optimal solution for both commercial and residential premises — it is accessible and built to respect privacy. Animated series of photos from MotionCam detectors allow users and CMS operators to evaluate the situation in action. But photo cameras are activated only in response to alarms, never by request.

Hub 2 Plus can manage up to 200 MotionCam detectors and deliver photo confirmations of alarms to users and alarm monitoring companies in just 9 seconds, even when it uses SIM cards for communication. Thanks to LTE support.
Motion detected
Alarm raised
Situation captured
Alarm verification with photo in 9 seconds

Guaranteed delivery of alarms and photo confirmations

We have developed Jeweller radio protocol to ensure the continuous operation of all devices within the security system. Jeweller provides two-way communication between hub and detectors at a distance of up to 2,000 meters. Yet it allows to remotely control Ajax devices and communicate alarm signals in less than 0.15 seconds.

Jeweller uses time frames to synchronize communication with connected devices, authentication to eliminate forgery, and encryption to protect against data leaks. Moreover, it is a highly energy-efficient radio protocol that allows detectors to operate for years from pre-installed batteries.

Learn more about technologies and features of Jeweller
Wings is an innovative radio protocol developed for fast transmission of visual data over vast distances. It uses a dedicated Hub 2 Plus antenna to improve channel reliability. Built-in algorithms of package checking and re-uploading allow Wings to deliver photos at a distance of up to 1,700 meters, even if the signal level is unstable. Thanks to Wings, CMS operators and users can see the first snapshot of a situation in just 9 seconds after a motion alarm.

Automated security

Hub 2 Plus supports 64 scenarios that minimize human impact on the security of a location. It can automatically arm and disarm the entire security system or certain groups by schedule. Moreover, it can instantly activate a smoke security machine in case of intrusion, cut power supply and turn on emergency lighting in case of fire, or cut water in case of leakage. Using automation devices, Hub 2 Plus can control lights, electric locks, and roller shutters. Scenarios can be activated in response to security mode changes, alarm triggerings, or Button commands.
  • Water
  • LeaksProtect
  • Relay
  • Electrovalve
  • Arming
  • Relay
  • Electric lock
  • Schedule
  • WallSwitch
  • Roller shutter
  • MotionProtect Outdoor
  • WallSwitch
  • Outdoor lighting

Protection of large premises with complex internal organization

Business centers, factories, and multi-story villas with outbuildings — Hub 2 Plus is ready to secure even the most complicated properties. The new hub controls up to 200 devices. Its radio signal range can reach up to 2,000 meters while the maximum radio network coverage can reach 35 km2. Hub 2 Plus can manage 25 security groups with a total number of 200 users. This allows security personnel to divide large premises into zones and clearly organize staff access.
security groups
devices in the system
35 km2
maximum radio range coverage with 5 ReX
Resistant to sabotage

Resistant to sabotage

Whatever happens to Hub 2 Plus, alarm monitoring company and users will get a notification about it. A tamper alarm goes off when intruders try to unmount the device. If Ajax Cloud server loses connection with a hub, it’ll send a notification in just 60 seconds thanks to short ping intervals. Even during a blackout, Hub 2 Plus will continue to protect premises for up to 15 hours powered by a built-in backup battery.
  • Device polling period from
    12 seconds
  • Detection connection loss with a hub in
    60 seconds
  • Operation on backup battery up to
    15 hours


Hub 2 Plus runs on OS Malevich, a real-time operating system developed by Ajax Systems. OS Malevich is extremely stable, immune to viruses, and protected from cyberattacks.

Modular architecture simplifies the constant upgrading of OS Malevich. The system gets new features several times a year via over-the-air software updates. The process doesn’t involve engineers or users and takes minutes to implement — only when the security system is disarmed.

Hub 2 Plus is the most efficient Ajax control panel. It has a processor that is 4.5 times faster than Hub 2 and 8 times more flash memory. This hardware configuration allows the device to work for years and remain relevant.

Controlled with apps

We refused to add buttons to our control panel and to use archaic interfaces. Apps are more comfortable and safe. They connect to a hub using a secure channel with Ajax Cloud — our server solution located at several AWS data centers. Apps allow users to control security, edit hub settings, configure connected devices, create scenarios, and monitor events. From a smartphone or PC. While on-site or away.

Installation without fuss

Hub 2 Plus is ready to work right out of the box. It comes with pre-installed communicators, a power supply unit, and a back-up battery. To begin the system set up, you'll need to plug the device into a power socket, connect it to the Internet, insert SIM cards, and scan the QR-code using the app. Thanks to SmartBracket, you won't even need to disassemble the device to mount it.

All security system settings are always available in the app. Even when you're far away from the hub, you can connect security devices or CCTV cameras, add users, test radio signal strength, create security groups and scenarios, or connect a hub to an alarm monitoring company.
Scan the QR-code to begin system set up
Use SmartBracket to mount the device without disassembling it
Configure devices in the app
Scan the QR-code to begin system set up
Configure devices in the app

Seamless security system upgrade

To simplify the process of upgrading installed hubs, we’ve provided the possibility of automatic data transfer. The import feature allows engineers to migrate settings, connected devices, groups, scenarios, and users from an old hub to Hub 2 Plus. In less than 15 minutes.
More about data importing

Which hub to choose?


Choose the most suitable Ajax set in 2 minutes

Tell us what you need to protect and we will put together a set of detectors and devices for your premises.

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1 Up to 15 hours of Li-ion 3 A⋅h battery life when Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections are disabled. Learn more.

Security alarm control panels - Ajax Hub 2 Plus

The critical element of any security system is the control panel.  The security system central connects the warning system and sensitive sensors.  The main functionality of the control panel is to receive and control alarm sensors, analyze them, and notify users of an incident.

The principle of operation of alarm control panels

The control panel receives signals from various glass break sensors, door and window opening sensors, and motion detectors. After receiving a message about an incident, the alarm central analyzes it. If the signal is out of range, a signal is transmitted to the warning system, which is as follows:
  1. Doors unlocking.
  2. Activation of the fire extinguishing system.
  3. Transmission of an alarm signal to the central control of the security company.
  4. Automatically send notifications or call the owner.
  5. Light and sound detectors - sirens.

Advantages of installing modern control panels for territory protection

New generation alarm control panels can be connected to surveillance cameras, and the received data can be stored on a hard disk. Several phone numbers can be connected to the mailing list if calls and notifications to the user's phone are used as a notification system. The security system can be controlled, and settings can be changed using the keyboard and the security key fob. Some control panel models can be configured for remote control from the user's mobile phone. When choosing a control panel for signalling, you should pay attention to the presence of a built-in battery that maintains the operation of the control panel even during power outages or power outages.

Types of control panels for alarm

According to their intended purpose, control panels are security - they react to breaking glass and opening windows and doors, firefighters respond to the start of a fire and smoke, universal - security and fire. Alarm panels differ in the type of signal transmission and are wireless and wired. Wireless alarm panels are easy to set up and install, even in ready-made interiors, while wired alarm panels require wiring.

Control panel with photo confirmation of alarms, LTE/3G/2G and Wi-Fi - Ajax Hub 2 Plus

The control panel for managing the Ajax security system supports photo confirmation of the MotionCam motion sensor alarms. Sending messages is possible both to users in the form of notifications or calls and the central monitoring station of a security company. The Hub 2 Plus smart alarm control panel uses four independent communication channels to transmit signals: Wi-Fi, Ethernet and two SIM cards with support for high-speed LTE networks.

Features of the control panel for the Hub 2 Plus alarm system

The Hub 2 Plus smart alarm control panel supports high-speed LTE networks and is equipped with a communication module with four independent communication channels. This configuration of the device allows you to connect the control panel to two different Internet providers via Wi-Fi and Ethernet and two cellular networks. Automatic switching between communication channels takes less than a minute. The control panel of the Ajax Hub 2 Plus security system controls the operation of all connected detectors and devices of the Ajax security system. Communication between Hub 2 Plus and alarm devices is carried out using a two-way Jeweler radio protocol at a distance of up to 2 km, provided there are no obstacles.
Hub 2 Plus can connect up to 200 sensors at the same time.
The Ajax security system is managed by users through an application for mobile devices or a PC and is possible from any corner of the world. A stable connection is provided by the Ajax Cloud cloud service, which ensures the receipt of control commands and the sending of alarm signals. Photo-verification of alarms by the MotionCam motion sensor occurs after motion is detected in the protected area. A series of photos of the incident is sent to users in the Ajax application and helps to avoid false alarm responses. The Ajax security system uses the Wings radio protocol to receive and send a series of images. Additional stability and reliability of data delivery even at a low signal level is guaranteed by the antenna of the Hub 2 Plus control panel. Photo verification of alarms, unlike surveillance cameras, allows you to observe the current situation even at an Internet speed of 0.5 kbps. Hub 2 Plus can protect large objects with a complex organization. The user of the system has the ability to cover up to 35 km² of the area using the Rex repeater, connect up to 200 users and create up to 25 security groups. The Hub 2 Plus alarm control panel allows you to create up to 64 automation scenarios, which minimizes the impact on human safety. Hub 2 Plus can turn off the protection of an object or group and turn it on according to a schedule. The Smart Security System Central supports the connection of third-party cameras with RTSP protocol, as well as seamless integration with Dahua, Hikvision IP cameras and DVRs. Up to 100 photo or video surveillance devices can be connected to the Ajax alarm control panel. The body of the Ajax Hub 2 Plus intelligent control panel is protected from sabotage and failures by a tamper. When trying to dismantle or damage the control panel, the user will receive a notification about the incident. Ajax Hub 2 Plus works even when Ethernet is turned off on backup power for up to 15 hours. The operability of the system sensor is checked every 12 seconds by pings. And detection of a break in communication with the control panel occurs within a period of up to 60 seconds. The Ajax Geofence security system technology reminds the user to turn on the alarm when leaving the armed area and turn it off upon return.

Installation and configuration of the intelligent control panel Hub 2 Plus

Installation of the control panel takes no more than 15 minutes per SmartBracket mount, following the prompts from the interactive instructions. First, Hub 2 Plus connects to the power grid and the Internet, and then you need to scan the QR code on the alarm control panel using the Ajax mobile application. New devices are connected according to the same principle.

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