The Ajax Systems team in Iberia was strengthened with a Head of Marketing, Nelia Moreno Pelegay. Nelia will focus on growing brand awareness, developing a partner network, and encouraging demand in the region.

Nelia Moreno Pelegay is a seasoned marketing communications professional. She has more than 20 years of experience working for technology companies in such areas as logistics, electronics, and cloud hosting. For the last couple of years, Nelia has worked as a marketing and communications manager for a company that manufactures video surveillance equipment.

The Ajax brand demonstrates strong values and clear goals. In my opinion, Ajax Systems has revolutionized the security market. That’s why it is impossible to resist joining such a company!Nelia Moreno Pelegay, Head of Marketing in Iberia, Ajax Systems

Iberia is one of the most developed international markets for Ajax Systems, and we don’t want to stop there. I am pleased to welcome Nelia to the team. She is an experienced marketer in the field of security. She has an incredible drive to change the status quo in the industry. I am sure that together we will reach an even higher level of recognition in Iberia and will break away from the competition.Valentine Hrytsenko, CMO, Ajax Systems

Iberia became one of the 10 target markets for Ajax Systems in 2017, when the company officially entered the region. The company actively studied market needs and found that users in Spain and Portugal need not only intrusion notifications, but also visual verification of alarms.

In response to this request, Ajax Systems engineers have developed MotionCam and MotionCam Outdoor detectors with photo verification of indoor and outdoor alarms. The detectors instantly recognize intrusion and send an animated series of photos to confirm the alarm.