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12V PSU for Hub/Hub Plus/ReX

A power supply unit, connecting Hub/Hub Plus control panels and ReX radio signal range extender to low-voltage power sources.
649 UAH
VAT included
At warehouse

At warehouse

Use Ajax in premises lacking electricity or having an unstable power supply. A 12 V power supply unit allows connecting hubs and radio signal extenders to low-voltage networks or use a portable battery.
In trailer

In trailer

Ajax protects your home, even if it goes on wheels. Connect the hub to a car or portable battery, and let the security system travel with you.
On yacht

On yacht

Insert a SIM card and connect the hub to the on-board network or battery so that Ajax always guards your boat at the pier.


The power supply unit is compatible with Hub, Hub Plus, and ReX. It features a standard socket for connecting the power jack plug and has a bundled terminal adapter.


12V PSU is installed into the device body, replacing the pre-installed 110/230 V power supply unit.

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Ajax 12V PSU power supply board for the alarm

The uninterrupted power supply of the security alarm system is an essential element of security equipment, which requires a quality power supply at all times to ensure protection. Unfortunately, network interruptions and periodic power outages cannot be ruled out, which can lead to power surges and, as a result, failure of security equipment. Users can use the power supply to maintain power without a permanent connection to the mains.

What are uninterruptible power supplies for alarms

Choosing a 12 m 24-volt uninterruptible power supply for signalling prevents power surges in the mains, which can be both short-term and take quite an extended amount of time. At the same time, the equipment continues to supply power to the security devices connected to it. It is essential to understand that power outages spoil every element in the security system, so choosing an uninterruptible power supply for an alarm should be approached responsibly. High-quality uninterruptible power supplies are characterised by high power and, at the same time, compact size.

Ajax 12V PSU power supply board for Hub/Hub Plus/ReX control panels

Ajax 12V PSU for Hub/Hub Plus/ReX is a power supply board connecting Hub/Hub Plus control panels and ReX repeater to low-voltage power supplies. The electronic board is installed inside the control panel or repeater housing instead of the pre-installed 110/230 V power supply.

Purpose of the Ajax 12V PSU power supply board for Hub/Hub Plus/ReX

The 12V PSU board is used to keep the security system running in rooms where the power supply is either unstable or not available at all. The Ajax board allows you to connect the hub and the repeater to a low voltage network up to 12 V and use portable batteries. Ajax's 12V PSU can protect a motorhome or even a yacht. In the latter case, you need to connect the hub to the onboard network, and then your boat will always be under surveillance.

​​Features of the Ajax 12V PSU power supply board for Hub/Hub Plus/ReX

The Ajax 12V PSU power supply board is compatible with two control panels — Hub and Hub Plus, and with the Ajax ReX signal repeater. The power supply has a standard power jack plug for connection, and a terminal adapter is included in the kit. The power consumption of the repeater is -20 mA, and the consumption of the hub depends on the active communication modules and their number. The service life of the Ajax 12V PSU power supply board is up to ten years. The power supply operates in the temperature range from -10 to +40 degrees. The humidity level for correct operation should not exceed 75 per cent. Using the Ajax 12V PSU power supply board, you can protect even a non-static object: a motorhome or a yacht, for example. It is possible to use a car or portable battery in such applications, connecting a SIM card.

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