Faceplate for branding StreetSiren DoubleDeck
Sold in batches of 10
2,179 UAH
VAT included
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Free promotion of security services

Security service providers can print their logo and contact information on the front panel of an outdoor siren. Located at the building, it will serve as an additional marketing channel that reaches new customers: neighbors and visitors.
StreetSiren DoubleDeck
StreetSiren DoubleDeck

How to order Brandplates

Brandplate are sold in batches — separately from StreetSiren DoubleDeck. One batch is 10 pcs. To place an order reach out to your regional Ajax partner.

Free printing

Order 4 batches of Brandplates (40 pcs) or more in a single color to get free printing. Your design may include logo, company name and contact information: website or phone number.

Free printing

Order 4 batches of Brandplates (40 pcs) or more in a single color to get free printing. Your design may include logo, company name and contact information: website or phone number.
StreetSiren DoubleDeck

StreetSiren DoubleDeck

Street sirens are a critical element in the home and business security. StreetSiren DoubleDeck attracts attention to break-ins with a loud buzzer and bright LED indicators. Moreover, LED indication and short beeps of the buzzer remind users that premises are armed and delay when entering feature is active. The risk of a false alarm becomes significantly lower.
3,499 UAH
VAT included
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Secure mounting

Secure mounting

Brandplate mounts on StreetSiren DoubleDeck using a clip lock. To make it extremely tight, we provided a possibility to use a screw. Even a strong wind won’t tear Brandplate off the siren.

Tech specs

Faceplate for StreetSiren DoubleDeck
Installation method
Clip lock and a screw
Operating temperature range
From -25°С to +60°С
Permissible humidity
Up to 95%
184 × 184 × 17 mm
111 g
Replacement and repair within 24 months of the date of sale. If the device does not function properly, we recommend that you first contact the support service as technical issues can be resolved

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Complete set
Brandplate faceplates (10 pcs per batch)
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Panel for branding street siren StreetSiren Ajax— Brandplate

A street siren is an important element of a burglar alarm. The StreetSiren DoubleDeck wireless siren draws attention to emergencies with a bright light and a loud howl. StreetSiren DoubleDeck is suitable for installation both in a quiet town and in a noisy industrial area. Through the application, the user selects the sensors that activate the siren. A large number of people will pass by a device with a Brandplate front panel every day and notice advertising on the siren body, where a security or installation company can put the following information:
  1. The name of the company.
  2. Logo.
  3. Website.
  4. Phone number.
The front panel for the security siren will serve as an advertisement that attracts the attention of people passing near the device. The alarm siren panel raises the overall brand awareness and informs every person about which company provides security services. Brandplate panels securely fasten with a complete screw and four plastic latches on the StreetSiren DoubleDeck siren housing. The front panel will not be torn off the mount even by strong wind gusts. A tamper-resistant tamper protects the security alarm device, so when trying to dismantle the wireless siren, a loud howl will scare off intruders and attract the attention of others.

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