LightSwitch (2-way) Jeweller

LightSwitch (2-way) Jeweller

Wireless smart touch 2-way light switch

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Comfort and security in a touch

This light switch is a 2-way switch which combines the reliability of professional security systems and a thoughtful user experience. Turn on the light in long hallways, rooms with several exits, or on the stairs easily. The user knows everything that happens on-site from instant notifications. The software also synchronises 2-way switches. The first one ‘knows’ that the second one turned off the light, so the switch state is instantly visible in the app.

The entire LightSwitch panel is sensitive to touch and even the hand approaching (at a distance of 15 mm). LightSwitch is good to use in the dark thanks to its soft backlight. The 2-way light switch can do more than just turn on lighting fixtures. It can also simulate the owner's presence and control curtains or blinds remotely with automation scenarios.

LightSwitch features in a minute

Available in 8 colors, this device is remotely controlled and runs automation scenarios for even greater comfort.

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Discover LightSwitch (2-way) Jeweller

Smart light switch from Ajax with a large touch-sensitive panel that can be activated by tapping or contactless.

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Key features

Sensitive panel

Big touch-sensitive panel

Automation scenarios

to trigger appliance


Contactless light control

8 colours

8 colours

No need for neutral wire

No neutral wire

Auto switch off timer

LED light

LED backlight

Lighting control via smartphone

Easy control

Current and temperature protection

Compatibility with lamps

Compatibility with lamps

from 5 to 600 W

Child protection

Protection for your curious little ones

Jeweller radio communication

Jeweller and Wings radio communication

Power adjustment

Remote configuration

Remote configuration

Up to 1,100 m

of communication distance with an Ajax hub

Horizontal and vertical frames

4 frame sizes for combining multiple switches


In-app notifications and event log

Ajax logo


Home: Lights on, LightSwitch in bedroom

A 2-way light switch enables control of a light fixture from two locations. Requiring the installation of two switches.

Compatible hubs and range extenders

Designed for any interior

2-way smart switch is enchanting with its laconic design and high-end quality hardware. The device will become an appropriate part of a cozy home environment or a high-tech space equally. Highlight the switch on the wall or make it invisible. The appearance is universal and suitable for installation everywhere — at home, in the office, production facility, or in any other area.













Production facility

Production facility

Enjoy the lighting control

Turn off the light with minimal effort. The entire panel is touch-sensitive and reacts even to reaching the hand, elbow, knee, or another body part less than 15 mm close. This function is indispensable if you want to avoid touching the device or if it's in a public place. At the same time, the touch panel reacts only when it is needed.

The sensor 2-way switch responds even to a touch of a gloved hand. Feel in control of your device with a quiet, lag-free click. The optional backlight allows controlling the lighting even at night without disturbing a comfortable sleep.

Smart features with real value

LightSwitch improves the concept of lighting. It isn't just a standard switch, although it has the straightforward setup and ease of use you'd expect from an Ajax product.

Lighting control via smartphone

Lighting control via smartphone

Switch the light in the Ajax app — the control screen is always at hand. Make sure all the lights are off, even a thousand kilometers from home. And if you forgot, correct the situation with one tap.



Deactivate the touch panel so that the child does not play with switching the light. LightSwitch will run on the Ajax app command.

Auto switch off timer

Auto switch off timer

Don't worry about wasted electricity. Set the light to turn off automatically after the period of time selected.

Start an automation scenario by hand approaching

Start an automation scenario by hand approaching

One LightSwitch touch can combine several actions, minimizing routine actions. Ajax automation devices run scenarios, whether it is switching overhead lighting together with a floor lamp or controlling the lighting of a huge open space.

Automation for comfort and security

Set the light to turn off automatically when arming the system or in case of an emergency. Or turn on the light according to a schedule.

Presence simulation

Set a schedule for turning on and off the lights in the house while going on vacation or a business trip.




LightSwitch (2-way) Jeweller



Power off the appliances

Turning on the light if intrusion is detected

LightSwitch can turn on the light in response to an alarm. The light will deter intruders and significantly reduce the risk of system sabotage.


MotionProtect Outdoor Jeweller


LightSwitch (2-way) Jeweller


Outdoor lighting

Turning on the light if intrusion is detected

Turning on the light if a fire is detected

Lighting the premises in the event of a fire simplifies evacuation and allows to localize the flame early, avoiding significant damage.




FireProtect 2


LightSwitch (2-way) Jeweller

Cutting off the power after a fire alarm

Configuration variability

LightSwitch smart switches can be used separately or combined with Outlet. Devices have the same frame design and color shades and can be installed into Frame.

Switches and outlets configurator

Assemble a custom set of Ajax switches and outlets

A different world of hardware

LightSwitch is a smart lighting control system that provides advanced electrical protection and reliability at the level of professional security systems. It is not necessary to set a neutral wire through the switch. It is controlled via Ajax developed software and has no problems with crashes or freezes. Also, the device has a tamper to detect the detachment of the wireless 2-way switch panel.

No neutral connection needs

Two radio antennas built into the front panel

The relay is designed for at least 200,000 switches (50 years of operation)

Consumes up to 0.2 W (15 times less than a typical smart switch)

Protection against false reactions due to power surges in the network

Current and temperature protection

Discover future-proof hardware

Reliable connection with the hub

LightSwitch capabilities are provided by the hub — the brain of the Ajax system. With one click, the smart switch is paired with the hub in the app. Hub runs on OS Malevich, a real-time operating system developed by Ajax. OS Malevich is extremely stable, immune to viruses, and protected from cyberattacks.

Running automation scenarios without involving the server

Always connected Ethernet / Wi-Fi / 2×SIM (2G/3G/LTE)1

Regular OS Malevich updates

Connection with the hub
Unique wireless technology


Unique wireless technology

For LightSwitch to utilize its smart capabilities, it must communicate with the Ajax hub. Reliance is not placed on popular technologies such as Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, ZigBee, or Bluetooth. Instead, a proprietary Jeweller radio communication technology is used, which fulfils the high industry standards and provides security, range, and energy efficiency. The Jeweller functionality remains unaffected by household disruptions and does not abruptly malfunction or cease an operation.

LightSwitch has up to 1,100 meters of radio communication range in an open space, making it, on average, longer than competing solutions from different manufacturers. Automatic power adjustment makes it energy efficient by not using the maximum power of radio transmitters in system devices on a regular basis. It is also more stable, using less noisy radio frequencies.

Up to 1,100 meters of radio communication range with a hub

Encrypted radio communication

Responding to the app’s commands and running automation scenarios with no delay

Scaled and comprehensive

ReX 2 assures stable communication even through steel and concrete via Ethernet using the wire as the additional communication channel. Up to 5 range extenders can operate within one Ajax system to expand the network twice as big, covering underground parking, basement, or metal hangar.

Up to 5 range extenders within one system

Ethernet as an alternative communication channel

LightSwitch components

Combination of device components depends on the objectives. It ensures the device variability.

Button panel has a sensor and radio antennas. Available in 8 colors.

LightCore contains electronics and relay that control power to the lighting device. LightCore connects to the wiring and does not need a neutral.

Effortless lighting

Button panel has a sensor and radio antennas. Available in 8 colors.

Frame is used to install two or more switches.

LightCore contains electronics and relay that control power to the lighting device. LightCore connects to the wiring and does not need a neutral.

Double the light power

Intuitive installation and connection

LightSwitch can be added to the system via QR. It is configured in the app with a few clicks. No neutral is required to power LightSwitch. The depth of LightCore is 25 mm. The smart switch can be installed instead of the old switch without replacing the mounting box and changing the wiring. Color touch panels are quickly replaced without powering down the switch.

It takes about 7 minutes — no more difficult than installing a standard switch


The device is paired with the system by scanning the QR in the Ajax app


The switch and automation scenarios are configured in the Ajax mobile or desktop app


The number of available communication channels depends on the hub model.

Ajax product lines

Superior, Fibra, and Baseline product lines are mutually compatible. This opens up numerous possibilities for building systems of any configuration.

Enhancing Comfort and Security with the 2-Way Smart Light Switch

Effortlessly controlling your lighting is essential for creating a comfortable and secure living environment. With the advancements in smart home technology, you can now enjoy the benefits of a 2 way smart light switch that combines the reliability of professional security systems with a user-friendly experience. Whether you need to turn on the lights in long hallways, rooms with multiple exits, or on the stairs, this innovative light switch provides seamless control at your fingertips. Stay informed about activities in your home through instant notifications, and effortlessly synchronise two-way switches for convenient monitoring. This article will explore the versatile features of the wireless 2 way switch Ajax LightSwitch (2-Way) and how it enhances your lighting control experience.

Comfort and Security in a Touch

The Ajax LightSwitch (2-Way) revolutionises traditional lighting control with its touch-sensitive panel and user-friendly design. Its touch-sensitive panel detects not only touches but also the proximity of your hand, even from a distance of 15 mm. This feature proves invaluable in dark environments, and the soft backlight further enhances usability. However, the 2-way light switch offers more than just lighting control. It can simulate your presence, control curtains or blinds remotely, and be integrated into automation scenarios for a truly personalised experience.

Key Features of the Ajax LightSwitch (2-Way)

A sensor 2 way switch from Ajax incorporates impressive features to enhance your lighting control. Let's explore some of its key attributes:
  1. Big Touch-Sensitive Panel: The spacious touch-sensitive panel ensures effortless control and a smooth user experience.
  2. Lighting Control via Smartphone: Enjoy the convenience of controlling your lights directly from your smartphone, ensuring you have complete control from anywhere.
  3. Contactless Light Control: With its proximity detection, the 2-way light switch allows you to control your lights without physically touching the device, making it ideal for public spaces or situations where touching may be inconvenient.
  4. No Need for Neutral Wire: Installing the through touch sensor switch is hassle-free, as it does not require a neutral wire connection, simplifying the installation process.
  5. Auto Switch Off Timer: Minimise energy wastage by automatically turning the light switch off after a specified period.
  6. LED Backlight: The feature ensures visibility even in low-light conditions, allowing for effortless control day and night. If this gentle light disturbs you – it can easily be turned off.
  7. Automation Scenarios: Customise your lighting experience by creating automation scenarios that can trigger other appliances or devices, providing you with a comprehensive smart home solution.
  8. Current and Temperature Protection: The Ajax LightSwitch (2-Way) includes advanced protection mechanisms to safeguard against power surges, ensuring the longevity and reliability of your lighting control.
  9. Autonomy and integration with intelligent home systems: the through switch Ajax LightSwitch (2-Way) can work autonomously and integrate with intelligent home systems. In the second case, the smart light switch will provide seamless home automation and expanded functioning, so using at least the base Ajax security system set of devices is recommended.

Enhancing Security with Wireless 2 way switch Ajax LightSwitch (2-Way)

The Ajax LightSwitch (2-Way) offers unparalleled lighting control and enhances home security. Let's explore some of the security features it provides:
  1. Presence Simulation: Set schedules to turn on and off lights while you're away, creating the illusion of occupancy and deterring potential intruders.
  2. Lighting Activation on Intrusion Detection: the light switch is a 2-way switch that can automatically turn on the lights in response to an intrusion alarm, ensuring a swift response and deterring intruders.
  3. Lighting Activation on Fire Detection: In the event of a fire, the smart switch without a neutral line can activate the lights, aiding in evacuation and helping quickly identify the fire's location.

A Different World of Hardware

The light switch is 2 way and has advanced hardware capabilities and reliable performance. Unlike traditional switches, this smart light switch does not require a neutral wire connection, making it versatile and compatible with various wiring setups. Its efficient communication with the Ajax hub ensures a reliable connection, utilising Ajax's proprietary Jeweller radio communication technology. The through switch provides a robust and secure lighting control system with encryption, authentication, and long-range communication.

Expanding Coverage with Range Extenders

To extend the range of your Ajax smart lighting system, range extenders are available. These devices effortlessly expand your network coverage, allowing you to place smart home switches in different locations, even far from the hub. With the Ajax range extenders, you can ensure a stable connection and reliable security throughout your property.

Light Switch Configurator: Assemble Your Perfect Switch

The through switch Ajax LightSwitch (2-Way) offers customisation options to suit your needs. Whether you prefer a discreet switch that blends seamlessly with your interior or a standout piece that adds a touch of elegance, the wireless 2-way smart switch caters to your preferences. With various button panels, frames, and LightCore options, you can create a personalised touch light switch that perfectly complements your interior.

Intuitive Installation and Connection

Installing and connecting the Ajax LightSwitch (2-Way) is simple. With a simple QR code scan, you can add the device to your Ajax security system and configure it effortlessly through the app. The sensor 2 way switch eliminates the need for a neutral wire connection and can be installed without replacing the mounting box or altering existing wiring. The colour touch panels can be easily replaced without powering down the switch, ensuring convenience and flexibility.


With its seamless touch control, advanced features, and compatibility with the Ajax intelligent home ecosystem, the Ajax LightSwitch (2-Way) sets a new standard for lighting control. From its ability to enhance comfort and security to its intuitive installation process and customisable options, this smart light switch offers a comprehensive solution for modern homes. Upgrade your lighting control experience with the wireless 2-way smart switch without a neutral line, and enjoy the convenience, security, and personalisation it brings to your living spaces.