Automation devices

Automation devices turn a burglar alarm into a smart home system that can independently take care of security. Ajax smart relays and sockets can perform tasks that are mostly routine for us.

Open garage doors, turn on boiler or heater, switch off lights, close electric locks, shut off the water — all these actions can be done with one click in the app or by set scenario.

Built-in energy consumption meters allow tracking power usage in real-time.

Socket (type F)

Smart socket
Power supply 110−230 V~
Control via app
Consumed energy meter
Pulse and bistable modes
LED load indication
Protection from voltage drops and overheating
Connection with a hub at a distance of up to 1,000 m


Remote-controlled smart relay
110−230 V~ power supply
Control from the app
Energy consumption meter
Pulse and bistable modes
Protection against voltage drops and overheating
Communication with the hub at a distance of up to 1,000 m


Remote-controlled low-current smart relay
7−24 V⎓ power supply
Control from the app
Pulse and bistable modes
Protection against voltage drops and overheating
Communication with the hub at a distance of up to 1,100m

DIN Holder

Bracket to fix Relay or WallSwitch on DIN rail


Remotely controlled water shutoff valve
Water shut-off in 5 seconds
Electronics protection from overheating
Up to 3 years of battery life
IP56 enclosure protection
Connection with a hub at a distance of up to 1,100 m
Input for external power supply 9–12 V⎓
Control via app
Electric actuator protection against unauthorized dismantling
Mounting the electric actuator without additional tools
Bonomi valve included in one of three sizes: ½” (DN 15), ¾” (DN 20), or 1” (DN 25)

Features of Ajax automation devices

Less routine actions

Use different types of scenarios to make your life more comfortable. Switch off the light in the office when arming, program the searchlights to switch on when strangers are detected in the yard, or set up an automatic flood protection system that shuts off the water by the alarm of the leak detector.

Reliability of professional security equipment

Smart sockets/plugs and relays use the secure Jeweller radio protocol to communicate with the hub. Jeweller ensures an unprecedented communication range, signal encryption, and constant device monitoring. Automation devices are protected from voltage drops, exceeding the limiting current and overheating, which protects household appliances from damage. The hub will execute the set automation scenario even without access to the Internet.

Attention to detail

We made sure that the Ajax smart sockets and relays are as compact and versatile as possible. The socket does not cover the near extension connectors, and the power relay is freely installed in most outlets. To prevent children from sticking their fingers or a screwdriver into the socket, its inlets are closed by special curtains that additionally protect it from dust or splashes.

Security system automation

Installing a security system is important for a timely response to incidents in the premises under the protection of various kinds: penetrations, fires, floods, etc.

Security alarms can be categorized into the following types:

  1. Autonomous alarm — for the reaction to the incident, the responsible owner of the system. The user receives alarms from devices to the mobile phone in the form of messages or calls.
  2. Alarm with connection to the security company’s monitoring console — professionals of the security company are responsible for responding to the incident, who, together with the owner of the premises, receive an alarm signal and send the RRT (rapid response team) to the scene of the incident.

According to the way sensors and other components of the security system are connected to the control panel, wired and wireless security systems are distinguished. In order to install a wired alarm, you need to lay communications in the form of wires. This happens at the initial stage of the repair. A wireless security system can be installed in a finished interior. Data in such a system is transmitted over a radio channel.

Security alarm automation can be applied to any kind of security system. It allows you to provide round-the-clock monitoring of the health of connected devices and a quick response to security alarms. Automation as part of a security system often, in addition to monitoring the situation at a guarded facility, allows you to counter threats.

Automation devices in the Ajax security system

Automation devices expand the possibilities and turn the burglar alarm into a smart home system that can take care of the safety of property and people inside the guarded premises.

With the automation of the security system, the user can control the garage door, lock the electric locks, turn off the lights, turn on the boiler or boiler by setting up scenarios or using the control in the application.

By installing smart sockets and relays, you can not worry about the iron being turned off, as the devices help control electrical appliances and can perform routine tasks.

Thanks to the built-in counters, you can monitor the power consumption of devices in real time.

The Ajax security system offers to supplement security equipment with the following automation devices:

  1. Socket (type F) is a smart socket that allows you to remotely control the power of the equipment, execute automation scripts and count the consumed electricity.
  2. WallSwitch is a power relay for remote power management that connects directly to the 110V / 230V network and closes/opens the circuit on command. Relays can be connected to devices that use a large amount of electricity to operate. You can monitor energy consumption in the Ajax application.
  3. Relay is a low-current remote control relay. Relay is a universal tool for controlling equipment, with low power consumption and variability of settings. By connecting a remote control relay, you can control the closing and opening of the gate, shutting off the water, etc.

Features of Ajax Security Automation Devices

Ajax’s automation devices have the following features:

  • Attention to detail

When it comes to the safety and automation of electrical appliances, versatility and compactness are one of the important criteria for choosing devices. For example, Ajax’s Socket smart socket does not overlap adjacent extension sockets, and a power relay can be installed in most sockets. To prevent children from sticking fingers or a screwdriver into the socket, its slots are closed with shutters with additional protection against splashes and dust.

  • Reliability

To communicate with the security system control panel, relays and smart sockets use the Jeweler two-way secure radio protocol, which encrypts the transmitted data. The communication range through the protocol can be up to 2 km, in the absence of obstacles. The automation devices are protected against overheating, overcurrent and overvoltage. This principle of operation protects household appliances from breakdowns. And the selected automation scenario can be executed even without the access of the security system central to the Internet.

  • Automation Scenarios

With automation scripts, the user of the security system can set the lights to turn off in the guarded house, program the lights to turn on in the yard if a person is seen there, or get an automatic anti-flood system that will turn off the water on a flood sensor alarm.

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