LineSupply Fibra

LineSupply Fibra

Module providing additional power supply for Fibra devices

Protecting objects of any size

An Ajax system with LineSupply can cover a facility requiring kilometers or even tens of kilometers of wires, whether it’s a renovation or a new project. The device provides power to connected Fibra devices and extends the line length to 2,000 m more. One Fibra line can combine up to 10 LineSupply modules to boost communication length from 2 km to 22 km. This unlocks numerous possibilities in covering a large-scale object like a factory, farm, or power plant.

Discover LineSupply Fibra

Module providing additional power supply for Fibra devices

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Key features

Output Fibra line length(1)

up to 2,000 m

Fibra line
Up to 10 modules on 1

Up to 10 modules

on the Fibra line

Splits one line into two

Splits Fibra line into two lines

LineSupply (75 W) Fibra

Protects connected devices from

short circuit


Remote control

Remote control and configuration

Installed in a Case

Convenient mounting and cable management

when installed into Case(3)

Additional power supply for the Fibra line

Power supply for any Fibra devices

Fibra wired communication

Fibra wired connection

Power adjustment


Up to 2,000 m

range of communication with an Ajax hub or a module that extends the Fibra line(1)

Informative in-app notifications

Ajax logo


Office: output line power supply turned on by Alex, LineSupply Fibra in Hall #1

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Production: device detached from surface, LineSupply Fibra in Workshop #1

Zero power consumption from the Fibra line

The module is powered by 110/230 V~ and a backup battery(2)

Two colors

Two colours

Backup battery

with a capacity of up to 18 Ah(2)

Devices compatibility

This is the wired device of the Fibra product line. Only accredited Ajax Systems partners can sell, install, and administer Fibra products.

Thoughtful design with safety in mind

Working with a power supply module must be safe, so LineSupply Fibra enclosure is designed to insulate every element exposed to current. It also has special rails, allowing the device to be quickly mounted inside a compatible Case without additional holders. Installers can choose two options for positioning the device with a 180-degree rotation. Passive ventilation protects the module from overheating. With two available enclosure colors, combining LineSupply with any Case is easy.

Thoughtful design with safety in mind

Record Fibra line length

Typically, the output device’s line can reach 2,000 m(1). With LineSupply, the total Fibra line length can reach 22 km. An installer just needs to use up to 10 modules one after another on a Fibra line. As a result, the wired Ajax system can cover the territory of a factory, power plant, farm, office, or shopping center with underground parking or any other large facility.

  • Up to 22 km of the Fibra line length
  • Up to 10 modules installed on the line

Flexible security system design

LineSupply (75 W) Fibra splits the line into two and extends each one of them by 2,000 m(1). There is no need to replace wiring if you want to use Ajax instead of an outdated security system that already has splitters. The module can be installed at any point of the Fibra line (following another LineSupply as well).

The module can be installed at any point of the Fibra line

Even more freedom in security systems design

As an installer, you can use LineSplit Fibra when you need more line splits for an object with complicated topologies. The module splits the Fibra line into four lines, extends each one of them by 2,000 m, and brings a new level of flexibility into the installation process.

More freedom with LineSplit Fibra

Discover future-proof hardware

Ventilation system

Passive ventilation system

Prevents overheating

Tamper connector

Connects the module to the built-in Case tamper.

Tamper connector

Output terminals for new Fibra lines

45 W version(4) has one output line, 75 W version(5) has two output lines.

Output terminals

Rails on the enclosure

Help to install the device into Case in one move.


Ajax logo indicator

Informs about module states.

Led indication

LED indicators

Informs about connection state of power supply, input and output lines.

Block with fuses

Block with fuses

Protects against wrong battery poles, short circuit, and overvoltage at the output.


Galvanic isolation

Completely isolates the output lines from the hub power supply.

Multi-purpose casing

The convenience for PROs is a priority. Ajax products are thought-out to the smallest details and easy to work with. That’s why we created Case, a one-stop casing suitable for module-type Fibra devices. Various size options help combine multiple modules, optimize space, and reduce installation expenses. LineSupply is compatible with Case(3) and can be installed in the casing with other devices.

Learn more about Case

One multi-purpose casing

Case configurator

Get options for the most optimal Сase configurations that consider the Fibra devices you need.



Unique wired technology

An Ajax system uses secure two-way communication based on Fibra proprietary protocol. It features encryption and device authentication to prevent sabotage, spoofing, and data theft. Fibra lines are versatile and support connecting different types of devices to one line: sirens, keypads, and detectors with photo verification.

Unique wired technologies

Up to 2,000 m of wired communication with a hub or a line extension module

One line for different types of devices

Photo delivery via Fibra line without interference

Protection against sabotage and spoofing

Energy efficiency first

LineSupply with connected devices consumes no power from the hub. Fibra communication itself requires minimum power consumption and follows the TDMA principle. Each device has a short time frame to exchange data with a hub, and its communication module is inactive the rest of the time. This significantly reduces power consumption and helps avoid interferences even when multiple devices communicate simultaneously.

Each LineSupply output line is power-independent, making the system even more reliable. The module is powered by 110–230 V~ mains and has a connector for a 12 V⎓ backup battery with a capacity from 7 to 18 A·h.

Power independence of connected devices from the hub

TDMA and power-saving modes

Mains power supply, battery backup

Sabotage resistance

Tamper alarm

Tamper alarm

LineSupply needs to be installed into Case, which has a built-in tamper. The tamper notifies the security company and users about attempts to open Case or detach it from the surface.

Protection against short circuit

Protection against short circuit

The system instantly detects a short circuit on the line and notifies the security company and the users. And when the problem is fixed, there is no need to replace the fuses: the system will restore operation automatically.

Device authentication against spoofing

Device authentication against spoofing

The hub checks the device's unique parameters for authentication during each communication session. If any parameter fails the check, the hub ignores device commands.

Data-rich notifications

Data-rich notifications

The monitoring station and users instantly receive notifications on events. The information includes time, device type and name, event type, and location room(6).

Data encryption

Data encryption

All data the system stores and transmits is protected by block encryption with a dynamic key. Encryption makes it extremely difficult to connect to the module with the intention of sabotage.

Communication failure detection

Communication failure detection

The device regularly exchanges data with the hub. With minimal polling interval settings (3 data packages and 12 seconds), it takes only 36 seconds to identify communication loss and notify the security company and users about the incident. Additionally, the hub is controlled by the Ajax Cloud server, so each element of the system is supervised.

Next-level Fibra line protection

Introducing LineProtect, the module to protect an Ajax hub and connected wired devices from sabotage when an intruder causes overvoltage, short circuits, applies 110/230 V~ or uses stun guns.

PRO is king

The myth about wired systems being difficult to install is busted. Ajax minimized an expensive, long, and dusty experience for PROs by developing an ultimate set of tools to make the process easy and flexible, from project design to client support and system maintenance. The module is installed inside Case with a flick of the wrist. Intuitive Ajax apps help quickly make the device a part of the system, and each device can be reconfigured remotely at any moment. No programming required — everything is available out of the box.

Fibra power supply calculator

The online tool provides security specialists with comprehensive information about the devices’ power consumption. It's easy to check before installation whether the wired system project will work in practice. The calculator allows real-time project-making, highlighting the problem areas and offering solutions. Once the calculations are finished, the results can be downloaded as a PDF file.

The module needs to be installed into Case. The installation kit includes all the necessary fasteners. The casing has flexible holders to secure the device with a flick of the wrist. A built-in spirit level and slightly bigger fixing points assist the professional in a perfectly accurate mounting position. Inside, Case has special fasteners and several parts on the sides and back for cable management. Markings for drill positioning and special protectors(7) help to stop the drill before it hits holders or other components. The top lid of the casing is equipped with anti-falling screws to prevent accidental dropping of installation parts.

Installation into Case(3)

All the necessary fasteners included in the installation kit

Thought-out cable management

Hassle-free installation

The device is paired with the hub automatically via Fibra line scanning. This tool is available in the desktop or mobile PRO apps. An installer only needs to name the device and assign it to the room and security group. The device can also be added by scanning the QR code or entering its ID manually.

Pairing with a hub via automatic line scanning or QR code

Device identification via triggering or LED indication

Optimal default settings to cover major requests

Fibra scanning lines

Intuitive Ajax apps provide remote set-up and all device information from anywhere the Internet is available, on a smartphone or PC. An installer can remotely change the settings and provide services in-time. No need to visit the object.

Configuration and testing remotely or on site

iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows apps

Accounts for companies and installers


An Ajax system transmits alarms to the PRO Desktop monitoring app or any third-party CMS. The security company receives an alarm notification in less than a second. Notifications include all the necessary information: name of the device, time of the event, and the exact room where the device is located. The security company also receives photo or video verification, capturing the reason for the alarm.

Full addressability of connected devices

Instant in-app notifications

Alarm and event monitoring through Ajax PRO Desktop or third-party CMS

Convenient monitoring
  • 1 — When using a UTP cat. 5 twisted pair cable. Other cables may have different values. Fibra power supply calculator.
  • 2 — The battery is not included in the complete set.
  • 3 — Case is not included and sold separately. Learn more
  • 4 — Output power per line from LineSupply (45 W) Fibra is 30 W. Another 15 W is used to charge the backup battery.
  • 5 — Output power per each of two output lines created by LineSupply (75 W) Fibra is 30 W. Another 15 W is used to charge the backup battery.
  • 6 — The list of transmitted parameters may vary depending on the CMS type and selected communication protocol.
  • 7 — Case D (430) does not have protectors.

Ajax product lines

Superior, Fibra, and Baseline product lines are mutually compatible. This opens up numerous possibilities for building systems of any configuration.

LineSupply Fibra: Revolutionizing security system power and coverage

LineSupply Fibra stands out as a ground-breaking option in the rapidly changing world of security systems, offering flexible wired security system coverage for establishments of any size. Module for power supply of Fibra devices LineSupply Fibra extends the line length to an amazing 2,000 metres and supplies extra power to linked Fibra devices, making it ideal for both new and refurbishment projects. With the help of this module, your wired security system will be more powerful and you will be able to protect large-scale facilities like factories, farms, and cottage communities.

LineSupply Fibra's features

Versatility in power output There are two variants of LineSupply Fibra available: LineSupply (45 W) Fibra and LineSupply (75 W) Fibra. With 30 W going to Fibra devices and an additional 15 W for charging the backup battery, the former produces 45 W of output power. Fibra's LineSupply (75 W) provides two output lines, each capable of 30 W for connected devices and 15 W for battery charging, for even more versatility. Flexibility in installation Flexibility is what makes the module for power supply of wired devices LineSupply Fibra so beautiful. The module is a versatile and user-friendly option for a variety of security system setups because installers can place it at any point along the line, even after another LineSupply Fibra. Protection mechanisms Strong protection mechanisms against overvoltage and short circuits on the Fibra output lines are built into LineSupply Fibra. If there is a problem, the module automatically cuts off the impacted output line and, after a short while — 12 seconds — tries to restore the system. The module ensures the stability and dependability of the system by carrying out its cyclic process if the problem continues.

Fibra data transfer protocol

LineSupply Fibra uses the secure Fibra wired communication protocol to function inside the Ajax system. This technology ensures a smooth flow of data necessary for efficient security systems by enabling quick and dependable two-way communication between the hub and linked devices.

Events transmission for swift action

Alarm transmission The Ajax security system and module providing additional power supply for Fibra devices LineSupply Fibra work together effortlessly to send warnings in a number of formats, such as ADEMCO 685, SIA (DC-09), SurGard (Contact ID), and more. The system may send out alerts for tampering, low voltage, short circuit, and other detections, as well as provide comprehensive information for fast action. Addressability and event details The precise transfer of events, including device type, name, security group, and virtual room, to the monitoring station is ensured by the addressability of Ajax devices. By providing security personnel with this degree of detail, they can respond more quickly and efficiently, improving security in general. Malfunction detection and display Via the Ajax app, module for power supply of wired devices LineSupply Fibra informs users of any faults. The module finds problems with the shell coming off, short circuits, low voltage, overvoltage, problems with the backup battery, and more. The application displays malfunctions so they can be quickly found and fixed.

Optimal placement for maximum efficacy

The placement of LineSupply Fibra in the security system maximises its performance. Installers need to take into account things like the intensity of the Fibra signal, the length of the cables, and where the power-hungry devices are located. Although LineSupply Fibra can be used as a repeater to increase the range, proper installation is essential to achieving best results.

Signal strength and power tests

Signal strength For the system to be reliable, the signal strength must be monitored. Because LineSupply Fibra has a visual indicator, users can quickly determine the strength. This feature makes it easier to choose the best places to put modules. Lines power test The Lines Power Test makes sure that the hub-connected devices have enough power by simulating maximum energy consumption. Users can uncover problems or faults influencing the system's performance thanks to the comprehensive test results.

Designing for success

For the module for power supply of wired devices LineSupply Fibra to be installed and configured correctly, the system project must be properly designed. Robust security systems are ensured by paying attention to many characteristics such as wire lengths, installation heights, device types, and locations. To preserve the integrity of the entire Ajax system, the design and installation should be left to the professionals.

Maintenance and warranty

Module for power supply of wired security devices LineSupply Fibra offers users peace of mind with its maintenance-free architecture. Users can rely on this Ajax Systems product's dependability and durability because it comes with a two-year warranty that is effective from the date of purchase. Ajax Technical Support is available to help in the unlikely event of technical difficulties, and they frequently solve issues remotely. Using LineSupply Fibra in the wired security system means unmatched power distribution, communication reliability, and event transmission capabilities. It is essential for protecting buildings of all sizes because of its strong features and adaptability. LineSupply Fibra is at the forefront of technological advancements, making sure that security systems adapt to the ever-increasing demands of the contemporary environment.